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Can I Replace My Touch Id?

I have read other forums and I have come to the conclusion that I cant. But if replace the CPU with a service CPU as well as a service Touch I'd that is not from apple will it work?

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If touch ID is really important to you, you can go to the Apple store and buy a straight up screen replacement--this will include a new home button and reprogramming of the phone with Apple magic. I have confirmed that they are replacing the display assembly including the home button/touch function for the iPhone 6. I think the 5s price is a little more, but I believe they are replacing the whole display assembly for 5s as well.

That solution is far less expensive than attempting any kind of CPU chip replacement, and even buying a new board and matching touch id---which is basically buying a new phone--just to put it into the shell of your phone.


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To prevent theft & fraud Apple did some amazing things in the way they designed the sensor and how it interacts with the rest of the logic board.

Basically, you can't replace the Touch ID button as its programed to only work with its mated logic board. So even if you replaced the CPU (if you even had the skills to do it) it still won't work.

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Can I put the touch I'd and the logic board from one phone into my phone

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Make sure they come from the SAME phone, it will still work.

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