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My oil filter busted

I started hearing this ticking noise in my engine and my truck died i looked under the truck and my oil shot from my oil filter to my gas tank.

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Don't use Fram oil filters. For some reason lots of people have had this very problem.

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I always use's WIX oil filter's the are the best to me for a oil filter

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jacob, the ticking noise could have been your lifters since you did not get enough oil to them. As for your oil filter leaking, that is very unusual. Could have been a bad filter (doubtful) or some more sinister issues like a bad engine. Change your oil, and your filter before you even try to attempt anything like starting your engine etc.

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I had the same problem, it literally drained my oil in a matter of minutes, turns out that where the oil filter screws to the bracket that's bolted to the engine that 2 oil lines run out and to the radiator for cooling, between that bracket and the engine there is a rubber o ring to keep it from leaking, mine was so old that it developed a crack in it, so I bought a universal O ring kit for it and installed it in just minutes, I couldn't believe that, that tiny crack let out all that oil, here I thought my engine was wasted for good this time. I owe a dept of gratitude to the parts man who diagnosed it. Of course I bought it from them, that was b 4 I new anything about this app, now I'd get whatever I need from Ifixit if they happen to have what I need that is. P S I hope this helps you, good luck. Paul

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