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The third-generation Ram was unveiled on February 7, 2001 at the 2001 Chicago Auto Show. This was a major update including an all new frame, suspension, powertrains, interiors, and sheet metal.

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What and where is the ASD relay

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I have lost all electrical power to my 07 Dodge. It is completely dead. I have checked the battery and fuses and all are ok. I have cleaned all ground connections I can find on the battery and cleaned the posts on the battery itself. Still no power. While looking through the internet I came across a relay called an ASD. I believe it stands for an automatic shutdown relay. I don't know where its located. Could this be the problem? Appreciate any ones help!! Thanks

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It's the electronic ignition switch...the black thing on the left of your steering colume....cost $30

Did you ever fix this?

Where is the ASD on a 2005 Ram 1500?

I have the same problem, and would love to replace the fuel pump relay except no one seems to offer them for sale any more.

Any ideas on where to buy one?

I have a 2006 2500 mega cab airbag abs brake light check engine light AC doesn't work no heater replaced the tipm did not change anything any suggestions

I have a 2004 ram 1500 4.7 with a , runs a second or two and shuts off . The battery also goes dead over night .

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kudran, yes it can. The ASD relay is located in the Integrated Power Module (IPM), in the engine compartment. Refer to label on PDC cover for relay location.

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To test the relay see if this helps. When the PCM energizes the ASD and fuel pump relays, terminal 87 connects to terminal 30.

This is the On position. Terminal 87 supplies voltage to the rest of the circuit.

The following procedure applies to the ASD and fuel pump relays.

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(1) Remove relay from connector before testing.

(2) With the relay removed from the vehicle, use an ohmmeter to check the resistance between terminals 85 and 86. The resistance should be 75 ohms +/- 5 ohms.

(3) Connect the ohmmeter between terminals 30 and 87A. The ohmmeter should show continuity between terminals 30 and 87A.

(4) Connect the ohmmeter between terminals 87 and 30. The ohmmeter should not show continuity at this time.

(5) Connect one end of a jumper wire (16 gauge or smaller) to relay terminal 85. Connect the other end of the jumper wire to the ground side of a 12 volt power source.

(6) Connect one end of another jumper wire (16 gauge or smaller) to the power side of the 12 volt power source. Do not attach the other end of the jumper wire to the relay at this time.


(7) Attach the other end of the jumper wire to relay terminal 86. This activates the relay. The ohmmeter should now show continuity between relay terminals 87 and 30. The ohmmeter should not show continuity between relay terminals 87A and 30.

(8) Disconnect jumper wires.

(9) Replace the relay if it did not pass the continuity and resistance tests. If the relay passed the tests, it operates properly. Check the remainder of the ASD and fuel pump relay circuits.

You may be going down a very deep rabbit hole. Remember that Chrysler had incredible trouble, including multiple lawsuits and recall's based on TIPM issues. I've just gone through $$$$ repairs based on TIPM issues...... so your issue may not be isolated to the ASD relay.

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This is the best explanation on this problem yet. Thank you very much. I will try it in the am as it is night fall here now.

oldturkey03, My attempt at the ASD relay test procedure you had previously supplied failed as I could not find it. I discovered that my PCM is a total integrated power module (TIPM) and the relay function of the ASD is integrated in a solid state circuit board situated beneath the fuse board of the TIPM. There are no relays on the top fuse board on my vehicles TIPM. I am totally confused now as to how I can trouble shoot this solid state relay. I am unable to explain this finding very well but if anyone can follow me and has a solution please let me know.

kudran, can you take some high res pictures of your TIPM and the general area? Also, take one of the inside of the IPM cover. Post those with your question. Here is a guide on how to do that 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기

oldturkey03, I went back to my original question and inserted pictures of my 07 Dodge ram 1500's TIPM and the Bar Code on the side of the Module enclosure. Its not very clear but its the best I can do for now. The TIPM had been removed from the vehicle so it does not show you the surrounding area but it is situated next to the battery on the drivers side of the engine enclosure. As you may tell there are no relays on the board and although the lid identifying the circuits is not clear it does not specify a relay as well. Any suggestions would help since those TIPM's are very expensive. I understand that these modules are rebuilt and sold again. Is that true? Perhaps you may know of a place that rebuilds them. As you can see I am grasping at straws.

Hold off and don't quit just yet. Yes the TIPM are expensive. Replaced one for a Jeep GC for $1200 . There might still be ways around this. Can you take a couple of pictures of your engine compartment? I understand your frustration, but doing this over the internet is like fixing your TIPM through the tailpipe of your truck with a pair of knitting needles:-) I just triple checked the 2007 service manual and it still shows the same thing. What exact engine size is your 2007?

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I'm having a simular problem I'm trying to check the a/c relay before I replace my condenser fan which is not spinning at all but I can't find even one relay under hood or in cab. System been vac out and recharged when sitting still hot air blows out vents but when u r driving over 20mph the ac is cold as ice. Also turned ac on and checked fan it not working and checked all fuses was about to buy new fan and my buddy told me check relays so here we r. And finally is the blower motor inside easy to change.

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an 07 doesn't have relays in the fuse box. What are you on?

Relays on most dodge cars are under the left fender. Lift the car and remove the left front wheel ie battery side. Remove the fender cover and you will find a harness and relay assembly containing +_4 relays.

Sir D

I too am looking for the f'n condenser relay, starting to think I could have changed the motor quicker than finding the relay location.. Dont want to change the motor and still have to hunt the relay down to replace it..

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I had the same problem, if you look under the fuse box/tcim you will see a bolt going into the fender that is holding your relay you need to replace the relay and also look under the driver side front fender there is a plug that you need to unplug and clean. this should fix your problem

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I'm having a problem with my 03 ram 1500 4.7. When I turn the key to start the engine starts to crank but then quits. When I pull the ASD fuse out it will crank continually but not start. This only happens when the temps are cold. Once truck starts and warms up it will start and run with no problem buying cold weather I have to crank truck every 2-3 hours or it will go back to original problem . Please help

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Hi @James and Littrell,

You don’t state the model year of your vehicle, but here’s an image taken from the Wiring section of the 2004 Dodge Ram service repair manual.

It shows the colour of the wires and the IPM wire connection terminals for the Fuel Pump relay and its’ contact. Well mostly anyway, the wire colours for the wires internal to the IPM are not shown, but you should be able to work it out

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(click on image to enlarge for better viewing).

Hopefully it is the same for your year model.

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having some difficulty finding wiring diagrams for the engine in my 03 ram 1500 crank no start ecm doesnt seem to give ground to coils or fuel injectors

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I have a similar issue to the issues described above. It's a 2007 Dodge Durango, 5.7L Hemi. It has the two relay like boxes on the driver's side, with the TIPM (I guess, same number, P04692) toward the front. Initially had some strange issues. Found eventually a dead battery. That led to the need for a new alternator (low voltage when running). Then when truck was left alone for awhile, battery would go to 0. Found that fuel and ASD relays would chatter intermittently, running battery down.

Charged battery up, was able to start it. Then stopped it for awhile. Then relay chattering started again. Here's a tip, when you can't start it: Remove the ground cable from the battery for a few minutes and then reattach. Each time i've done this i get different results. Many times it seems like it's ok and even can start and run. But after a while the freakiness starts again. I think it's the TIPM. I swapped relays around in case there was a contact or relay issue to no avail. I took most of it apart and reseated all connections, removed and polished up the ground near the sidewall. But same effect. Tomorrow i hope to be able to get a TIPM module from the dealer (assuming it's a few hundred and not 1200). We'll see.

Any other ideas?

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for posterity's sake... After getting the new (used) TIPM and replacing it, i had similar symptoms, i.e. erratic behavior and intermittent running and not. Eventually traced this to water down near the fuse panel on the driver's side. Took out plastic and lifted carpet and dried it all out. The odd, erratic behavior went away. Lesson is, what looks like a computer issue could be water inside the car near the wiring harness (that runs along the floor) near the fuse panel near the driver's side feet area.

oh, and water was likely there from a plugged drain hole at the sunroof. Found it plugged, used weed wacker string to clear it. Then tested for water leaks and found none.


Can you swap other relays to test before buying the ASD relay? I'm having similar issues and have swapped the ignition switch with no luck. Next step is the ASD relay so I curious because of not being able to return electrical items. Also where exactly was the water issue? behind the plastic by the fuse panel? Any help would be great, Thanks Drew

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I have a 2006 dodge ram 4.7 crew cab cannot fint the fuel pump relay any where any

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Jesse, there is a fuel pump relay bypass kit available for the TIPM that is not the style pictured above. If you have the other TIPM that is full of relays and fuses, then the bypass kit is for you. Are you sure your TIPM FP Relay is bad, you can even disassemble the TIPM to replace the exact bad part.

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