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Repair guides and support for your Samsung TV.

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How remove colored vertical lines all over screen of my LED TV?

How can I repair my Samsung Model LN55C630 LED TV?

Colored vertical lines appear all over the screen. At first they were going away after some time, but it has been getting worse and worse, and now they just last forever.

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i hit the side for a while it work .but now thats no good

Help vertical lines on my led computer

@tmawia lets start off different here. You need to ask your own question. So use this link https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/Ask and give as much detail as possible. The more detail you give the better your chance to get it repaired. Right now it sounds like a bad LCD :-)

Vertical lines on my led computer it started last year. It began to vanish after some time but they keep on appearing please help

Got this on my Lcd TV

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Alex Malozemoff vertical lines are most commonly caused by a bad t-Con board. I suggest to remove the back of your TV and to check the boards for any obvious damage etc. After that consider the T-con board. Part number for that is BN81-04162A

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Actually, first part of the answer was enough. No replacement of t-con board was necessary. We took off the back and just jiggled the input board in the lower left corner of the tv, as viewed from the back (I don't think this is the t-con board; it has all the coax and other inputs on it). Presto! The lines were gone. It looks like some kind of grounding problem. Massoud's video clip was the clue. Thank you, Massoud!

Please could you post the link to Massoud's video? I have a similar problem with my Samsung TV. Thanks so much in advance.

I think this is the link Alex is refering to


I have this problem also, but the back of my tv doesn't look like the one on the video. Mine is about 8 years old and 44 in. Would the same method work?

I have a Samsung 47" flat screen about 6 years old and developed the vertical lines as well. The lines never seemed to go away after a while. I was thinking of getting a new one and was vacuuming the back of the TV (wall mount) and in the process the vacuum attachment tapped the back right corner with the inputs and the lines went away. The lines will occasionally return and I just reach behind the tv and tap on the set just above the inputs and the lines will go away. Sometimes it helps to let the tv run with the lines on for a minute or two then tap. Though obviously not a permanent solution I have been doing this for a month now and all is well if you do not mind this temporary fix.

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OK, I found even the simpler solution "JUST TAP ON THE BACK SIDE OF YOUR TV" lines go away haha...I was pleasantly surprised!! My TV is 7 years old

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That work. Just hit the back of the tv.

Thank you for sharing this anonymous 4738; I think this worked for my AOC IPS monitor

i see vertical lines on my Samsung smart tv, 46 inches .how can i get rid of these lines


We just bought a brand new Samsung UN55J6201AFXZA. It is a 55" diagonal screen.

Immediately upon initial installation, it had thin colored vertical lines, about 20-30 lines, in a vertical band about ten inches wide, right in the middle of the screen.

There was a solid dark black background behind the lines and for a few inches to the left and right of the lines.

The right one third and the left one Fourth of the screen were normal, with no lines and no dark area.

I tapped at the back, lower right of the screen and the colored lines went away.

However, the solid black background remained and grew a little wider. The solid black background spans the width of the screen from top to bottom. It is about twenty-two inches wide.

It has a very interesting set of white nearly-horizontal lines which appear at its bottom-most part/border. These lines swirl into a vertex at the right one third of the bottom of the black area. These lines are thin and grayish-white.

Dear All,

Please suggest what to do i have Sony Android TV Model W95D 43 inch 2016 . it is showing coloured vertical lines all over the screen.

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Lines that appear in this fashion can often be resolved by a simple re-seating of the cables that go to the panel. The voltage/current levels of the signal lines is so small that it doesn't take much dirt or corrosion to prevent data flow. Re-seating the cables can resolve this. If the simple re-seating does not resolve the problem, try applying heat or cold to the area on the T-con board. This too can show poor connections or a defective IC to confirm the location of the problem.

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same problem on my tv.it is posible that horizontal line will coverd all the screen?

I have had my 18month old 43” Samsung sitting in a cupboard for six months thinking it was terminal. I was about to try the oven solution I’ve read about for the t-con board. But kicking myself as it was much more simple. Unclipped the back of the TV. Unplugged all cables from all boards/sockets. Blew any dust off give all the sockets a good blow too. Then carefully pressed each connector firmly into place and ensured all the clamps were pressed fully in place where applicable... hey presto what was a ruined screen is now back to perfect UHD again!

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Hello my tv had got white vertical lines for last 1 month. Initially they disappeared after 5 minites or 10 minutes but later they didn't. I called michanic and he said there is moist in screen and it will have to be changed. It will cost almost equal to a new TV. I searched on net. And thanks to all people who share tips on net. I also used my mind and dried the scree and back part with a hair drier without opening it. And to my great surprise lines completely disappeared. I saved my 40000 rs. I am so so happy. I want to save others too that's why I m sharing it.

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Yes normally this is due to a sticker_ type connection to the side of the panel coming loose. Difficult to re-glue it but a bit a paper folded over several times and squeezed between the panel casing and the sticker solves the problem.

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Just hit it from the back and it will work perfectly

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Same. Me too

Same here, gave it some solid hit and it worked.

Didn't work

At first hitting the back worked after about 30 taps. Now it will come on then go off sometimes 3 or 4 times. Then it will start to work fine. It has a beautiful picture. It is Vizio 55 inch. We have ordered another tv to replace this one as it keeps getting harder to tap the picture back on. This happened just before Christmas. At the same time, our RCA 43 inch 's screen turned black but has sound. We replaced it a couple of weeks ago. We tried everything suggested and it didn't work on the RCA at all.

Gave it a solid hit and now its all &&^&@@ lmaoo

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On my Samsung,I had 3 SMALL vertical lines-2 in the center,1 on the left.After investigating,turns out it was the ribbon cables going into the screen. I needed to remove the bezel and top of the screen frame to access the ribbons and gently “diddle” them.The lines would disappear,and by placing a cardboard wedge under the ribbon,it would ultimately “fix” the lines.However,I do resell these sets,and dont want a cheesy fix TV coming back to me. A new t-con board wouldnt fix these lines. Basically,once you start seeing lines,your LCD panel has gone bad.Anything from the video driver boards on can not be replaced as they are hard wired and pressed at the factory.Diddling the ribbons into your screen panel itself may work,but its a cheesy fix.Im going to scrap this TV out.

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ADD ON: As a last resort,I used a hot air gun to maybe reflow the solder.All that did was burn up the ribbon cable.No dice...

Unless there is a crack in the traces within the cable itself, the problem can be as simple as a poor connection. Try removing the cable from the connector and re-inserting. If you have an electronics cleaner spray, spray the connector as well. This should remove and contamination and allow for a better connection. Both sides of the cable should be cleaned. Since the signal levels at this point are so small, it doesn't take much corrosion/contamination for the connections to fail.

This is not likely to be a soldering problem.


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I found that none of the fixes mentioned above worked for us. My only “fix” is to buy a new tv. We had two different tv s, sizes and brands go bad right at Christmas. We tried every suggestion we found and sadly nothing worked for us.

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@Ken Legg ,

Your TV should still be covered by the manufacturer's 12 month warranty

As the TV is only 5 months old, check the warranty statement that came with the TV (or maybe is in the user manual) how to make a claim for a warranty repair or refund.

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Same problem here alex.. I have an RCA .. smart tv.. about 7 months old. Very annoying ..


If the TV is now only 7 months old from new, did you contact RCA customer service about it? Tthe TV should still be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

I have a 50 inch RCA smart tv.. only 5 months old. Developed problem with vertical lines . Awhile back. Started out very intermittent. Now they are on there almost all the time. . Help !!

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