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Mazda's full-size sedan that replaced the 929 in North America.

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I would like to know if there is a resistor

2001 mazda millenia. I am not getting power to my fuel pump. I have checked the relay, even bought a new one. I would like to know if there is a resistor. dealer says that there is not one. online says there is one... where is it located?

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albert enstin there is no separate resistor other than the one in the relay. Since you already replaced the relayI'd suggest you check to ensure that you have power to the fuel pump relay.

Block Image

Block Image

Fuel Pump Resistor and relay (Speed)


1. Disconnect the fuel pump resistor and relay connector. Measure the resistance between terminals A and B by using an ohmmeter

Specification:0.38-0.42 ohm

2. If not as specified, replace the fuel pump resistor and relay (speed).

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Hey OT03 I'm confused by your answer given that you have posted this for a same year range model fuel pump fuse location

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jayeff, you are absolutely right. Reading the original answered, I confused myself. It should have read that there is no separate resistor. Hope the edit clarified it a bit. Thanks jayeff.

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