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Identified by the FCC ID 2ADCW-PLUS. Released in December 2014

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Why Is There No Sound Coming from The Speakers?

I have a wireless speaker called OONTZ Angle Plus made by Cambridge. I tried to run it from my Bluetooth device, but I was just wondering why there is no sound coming from the speakers?

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If you encounter issues with the speaker not emitting sound while paired to a Bluetooth device, it is possible the speaker and device are not paired correctly. Therefore, the most common solution is to make sure the volume on your device is turned all the way up and then check to make sure the volume is also raised up on the speaker. If the sound still isn’t coming thru, unpair the device and pair it up to the speaker again using the guide on the troubleshooting page.

Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle Plus Troubleshooting

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I have also the same problem. But it wasn't a wireless Bluetooth speaker. How to fix it Sir?

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I like ie-920b...

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No volume and no text noise either while writing, I seened something about the volume on the phone being omitted, but tried all the volumes and Nothing? It's like it's on silent mode..cant figure it out, it's paired and recognizes the connection, but NO Volume...never encountered this before

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I have similar problem. I have 2 of the oontz angle 3 xl and no sound comes out at all. When you turn it on its supposed to say "ready for pairing" but there is no sound. It will connect to my phone but still jo sound.

I have updated the firmware to the latest 3.1. I have unplugged the battery for 2 hours and then tried to plug it back in and still no change.

This has happened on both of my speakers at the same time so it leads me to something with software or something. I don't think it's something wrong with the speakers.

I can't find a way to hard rest the speaker anywhere. Anyone with any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @moparcrazy ,

Have you tried connecting a stereo audio cable from an audio source to the aux in connector in the speaker just to verify whether or not it still has an output?

The Bluetooth indicator light should turn green when a cable is connected to the aux input.

Have you tried holding down the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds in case it is locked in a phone call mode?

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