Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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How do I fix my liquid damaged Xbox One?

Two weeks ago, I spilled 2/3 of a cup of washing up liquid into the the top fan of my Xbox One (don't ask how). Since than I have contacted Xbox Support and have read multiple forum threads saying you should let nature take its course (basically wait and see).

Things I have tried:

  • The rice thing
  • Putting it under a fan for 24 hours
  • Tilting it to the left for 18 hours

Although many recommend to teardown your console and clean it from the inside, I personally do not wish to take apart anything like this, and yes I can go to Repair Shops to fix it, but you see I am trying my absolute best not to spend any money because of Project Scorpio (ofcourse).

Please any advice or tips on how to fix my Xbox One will be most indeed helpful. If you wish to recommend me Repair Shops; make sure their in Birmingham, United Kingdom.


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What is the "Rice Thing"? I'm just wandering

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Look It Up On YT

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Thank you, i just spilled a lot of water on my xbox 1 S and was VERY scared and thought all my files would be gone again. I turned my xbox on the side and put a hair dryer on a good warmth.

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well try getting a new plug, the graphics will be crap but if you get a new one the fumes of the liquid will not disturb the plug. also put upside down for around 1 hour and then get a hair dryer and dry it. if its dried then leave for a few mins to calm down till its cold like room temperature (what ever).

It should work....

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my ignorant girlfriends brother spilt half a cup of coffee on my Xbox 1, what do I do!!!!!

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@zohaibkeyani first off "The rice thing" absolutely bogus. Does not do anything other than give you a false sense of doing something. Forget the rice altogether. You will have to disassemble your xbox and clean it properly. Use these guides to work on it. Then clean your parts with high grade (90%+) isopropyl alcohol. That means all parts. Once done reassemble and evaluate for any failures. For further help with this I'd suggest you contact the console guru on here. Yes we all like to spend as little money as possible, but if you do not fix this now it will cost you much more later on.

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Hey what about 70% alcohol? Will that work?

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@meagercode nope. 70% still has 30% water. It will take much longer to evaporate and will evaporate a disproportionately large percentage of its alcohol, leaving the remainder with less and eventually leaving only water behind.

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I'm not sure how much liquid you spilled but you'll likely want to do as @oldturkey03 says and disassemble it and clean it and remove any and all corrosion. Then let it dry 100% and put it back together and try it.

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What if it is distilled water.

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Does not evaporate quickly enough.

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I took apart my Xbox one and wiped it down bc it was very dusty. The inside did not look like it had any type of water damage, but ever since my son spilled water on it it hasn’t worked. Since I have taken it apart, and done all that what would be something else I could try? If anything.

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