15.6", Intel HD Graphics, Core i3 2330M, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD

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My Dell 5110 Continually Reboots Itself - WDF_Violation Error Message

I accidentally spilled a small amount of liquid into the keyboard of my Dell Inspiron N5110. Initially, it would not boot up at all. I bought and replaced the keyboard and it now boots up but will not stay on.

It now boots up and a message pops up saying "Preparing Automatic Repair." However after that's complete I get a Blue Screen that "Your PC has run into a problem and will and needs to restart. We will restart for you." There is also a message just below that says: "If you would like to learn more you cn search online late for this error: WDF VIOLATION."

I have entered into Setup and have run a diagnostics test on the laptop. Everything checks out GOOD except for the Hard drive. I get error code 2000-01-42. Do I need a new hard drive? Have I lost everything that is on that Hard Drive? How can I recover anything that was on it if there is a way to do it?

A while back I did create a recovery drive but if I'm not mistaken, If I can restart my Dell, it would revert back to factory settings. Before I do that I would like to recover what was on the Hard Drive if possible.

Please help.


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Thank you for your response. I got a new HD and installed it. I'm still having problems. I was able to use an enclosure for my old HD. I can access all of the files. With the new HD in, I ran the full diagnostics after hitting F12 and everything came up green. I have also tried to reboot the laptop from the old HD as an external HD. It does not work. However, something happens when I do it using the old HD that doesn't happen when I try to reboot from the new HD. I get the message "Preparing Automatic Repair." That message does not show up with the new HD. I'm guessing that the reason for this is that the new HD is not properly formatted. Not sure if this is the case. I downloaded the Ubuntu ISO Operating System that someone recommended to me. It doesn't work. My laptop will not boot up. I'm stumped and will try anything to try and get this machine back to working order. I know it's a good machine and I have a feeling that I may need to replace the Motherboard. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

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@hondo381 the reason for the "repair" option is because your computer is trying to boot from your old drive. You will have to reinstall the OS to your new drive with the old drive disconnected. Once you have your OS on the new drive, and all drivers for your computer are properly installed, then you can plug in your old drive and remove the needed files.

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@hondo381 I think you already answered your own question. You stated that you get a hard drive error and WDF. Since I am sure you Googled it you know that it is "Damaged or removed system files after you've installed software or drivers related to Windows Operating System. Error 0x10D blue screen caused by a damaged hard disk." Sound slike that is where your trouble originates from. Replce the drive, reinstall your OS to the new drive. Get a USB adapter and try to see if your computer can access your old drive as an external drive. That way you can try to recover some of the files from your drive.

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