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Type of Keyboard LED's?


I was looking to modify the LED's on my keyboard and change the colour of them, perhaps to a rainbow colour.

Does anyone know whether the LED's are remotely accessible and what type of LED's they are? I.e. 5050 SMD's, because I cannot find any good photo of the keyboard. A 2009 MBP teardown shows it but its really difficult to see where the LED's are.

Thanks in advance

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To start with this is a big undertaking! Getting to the keyboard is not easy to even get to the keyboard LED's. I wouldn't spend the effort just to be cool here, just taking the system apart can be risky in damaging something.

OK, I've warned you! So what would I do?

If you have a bad keyboard so you need to open it up to replace it then I could see altering the coloring as something cool. But instead of trying to change out the LED's how about just coloring the white LED's with a dry erase marker with the color of your choice.

As to the LED's them selves they are fixed color (so you can't program them and altering them will only allow you to switch out to a different fixed color LED which I think is just not worth the risks, besides you're then limited to that one color.

The wiring of the keyboard does not offer a means to use a multi-color LED so it could be altered from one color to another. With that said it would take quite a lot of engineering to design and manufacture a replacement keyboard and then have a way to control it. Sadly, I think your just reaching beyond what is practicable here.

Why don't you order a replacement keyboard to dissect so you can see whats involved and whats makes sense.

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Well yeah, I'm aware it is tight in there. As for fixed colour, I know that it is simply some normal white LED's :) I'm planning to make use of a 555 IC to get it to cycle through some colours, or just add some standard LED's if there is no space in there for a small chip/circuit. That would take an hour tops, if that. My only concern is the type of LED's, I would rather order some then take it all apart, but I cant seem to find anywhere that lists what type of LED's are used here

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Plan on five hours just in taking it apart and putting it back together. Add to it the time to retro fit anything more than coloring the LED's with a marker. I would say add 5 - 10 more hours. Then you still have the risk of something not working and I would replace the battery as most of the time you kill it or damage it (think of a Samsung Note 7 Phone fire here).

Best not to go down this road just to be cool. Instead how about dressing the case up.

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