Windows 7 installations and restart issues?

I am helping a friend with his computer that he got from another friend. When you turn on the computer. It ask if you want to see *Bios by pressing f10

*Then next screen after some landing says press shift+f10 to see a different Bios screen and setup.

*Then before it start to load windows it ask me which version I want to load with 7 different options that all say windows 7

*regardless of which version I pick, even in safe mode, this screen comes up and says

The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "ok" to restart the computer, and the restart the installation.

I have exhausted my computer knowledge and now looking you guys for help.

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Hi, What happens if you press F11 repeatedly on startup, do you get an option to go to a recovery screen?

Have you tried using a win 7 installation disc and after changing the boot priority in BIOS (if you can) to the dvd drive boot into windows and try the repair option. Do not use the install option (unless you want to ) as this will erase any data on the HDD

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