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Casio Sk-60 replacing missing on/off button

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Hello, i am new here!

I need help with this vintage Casio Sk-60 keyboard, it needs a replacement for that missing (slider) switch. I would love to repair it!

I know how to solder simple things. Adding a lineout or connecting two cables ;) but i am totally lost on this one.

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Here you can see on off i prepared for the keyboard. When it will work i will drill a bigger hole for it.

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Thats the inside of the keyboard.

Block Image

And here you can see the part where the switch was. The upper position was (On)

I also found this sceme here, but i dont get it...

Block Image

I was hoping that maybe someone here sees the solution right away and can help me out. That would be great!

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@prokrastinator what you posted is not a schematic but a board layout view. It will not tell you how to connect a switch. You need the wiring diagram for that. I got this from the manual

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Now you need to figure out on the board view which point is what. Going back to your image and checking the layout and schematic it appears that connecting a switch the way as pointed out in my pictures should work.

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Block Image

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always double check with a meter to make sure that you do not close any power to ground circuit.

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Thank you <3

That helps a lot!

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