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Duo core processor vs. 2 processors?

I want to up the processing power of me Dell desktop, but don't have the budget to go out and buy a new duo core. It already has a 3.00GHz processor in it too, so I was wondering if it would be possible to purchase a second processor and connect it to my motherboard and have twice the power?

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Eh... Unless you are running a beowulf cluster its not possible. Is the 3.00 GHz processor a Pentium 4? Mind if you give me the service code (should be a white sticker on it that says service code) so I can take a look at whats in there? The reason I ask is because if you want to upgrade to a dual core, I have a feeling that your 3 GHz processor is a P4 and to get a Core 2 Duo or an i3/i5/i7 you would need a new motherboard.

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