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Where is the Reed Switch?


I just bought this MacBook and it's constantly sleeping/waking by itself.

I'm wondering there's any way I can turn off the sensor and manually sleep and wake the device.

Or maybe (hopefully) there's an easy fix for this problem, and the sensor is really easy to locate and replace.

Who knows?

Hope you do.

Thanks in advance.


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In the top of the display. A fun way to find them is take a paperclip and run it around the perimeter of the display.

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Once you find the magnet the opposing side will be where the Hall Effect transistor is located.

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There are two places at the top of the display where there's magnetism, and other two at the sides of the trackpad. I'll try with a magnet, I hope I don't fck things up doing this

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Found it, it's at the left side of the keyboard

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The best way to locate the reed switch is to take an Iodinium Magnet, and drag it around the bezzel until the screen sleeps. Be sure to not go near any HDD, as this can scramble your data.

some macs have them built into the screen assembly, and some have them in the base.

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The Switch (Hall effect transistor) is located in the upper case along the edge. The magnet is located in the lid. First find the magnet and then fold the lid down the location in the case is when the lid point comes down.

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There are a few possible causes for this reaction. The first is the sensor is failing so you might want to replace it.

To alter the settings look at your Energy Saver and the Screen Saver settings in the Preferences.

You might have an app that is waking or your wake on LAN is enabled so someone is probing your system. This gets into what you've installed on your system. Sometimes you install a Peer to Peer app without knowing it! This will constantly poll your network (waking) and lastly update settings can also wake your system to install updates.

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