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CD-Tuner with RDS and white LCD

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How do I turn off repeat on CD player

When I play a CD the song just plays over and over unless you press forward at the end of each tune. Need to turn repeat off somehow?

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@joy100 check your owners manual page 10. It will tell you how to turn repeat track off.

Block Image

Update (01/07/2018)

@joy100 it is odd that it does not enlarge. Try this on. All you have to do is to just hover over it an click on it.

Block Image

What it says is :

During playback, press (3) (REP) repeatedly until "REP-ON" appears in the display.

Repeat Play starts.

To return to normal play mode, select "REP-OFF"

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Hello again, I cannot enlarge the image you sent, so cant see what to press!! Have tried a magnifying glass but still no good!!

Sorry to be a pain but please could you sent the image again but larger. I will be eternally grateful!!!



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Hi @joy100 ,

Just click on the image to enlarge it.

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I have tried that but it doesn't enlarge enough for me to see it. Are you able to see what it is I press to turn repeat off Please?

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