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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 및 Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, 또는 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo 프로세서

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Is it possible to replace the processor from 2.4GHz to 3.06GHz?

I already have 4gb memos and am also replacing the 250gb HDD with a 500gb hybrid SSD but I was thinking about replacing the original C2D 2.4GHz (E8135) with a C2D 3.06GHz (E8435), is that possible? The order number is MB323LLA.

I've searched A LOT on Google and it seem's ok, it'll fit on the socket and all but I don't know if it'll have any heating issues - for that I'm thinking about buying the 24" CPU heatsink as well, will it fit?

No, unfortunately I don't have the money to just buy another iMac so my only option will be to upgrade mine - if that's possible, of course. :)

Any help here?


Well, I already bought the processor (fingers crossed hehehe) and now I ask you guys: does anyone knows if the heatsink of the 24" iMac will fit a 20" iMac?

I'm asking 'cause my only "source" are pictures on the internet and by what I've seen on those I'm really in doubt.

Here's the 24"heatsink:


Here's the 20"heatsink:


And here is the 20" iMac with it's own heatsink where you might get an idea of the space available:


By those pics I think there is a chance it will fit, but also there's a big chance it won't, does anyone know for sure?


== Final Update 09/18/2011==

Well, it took about 9 hours, but it's finally done! :D

To be fair, it should be ~6 hours, but the video card wouldn't work (no surprises as it was really a gamble - it was a ATI Radeon HD2600 but from a HP 8510W) so I had to start over from the beginning.

To those thinking about doing the same, know that this is real hard work - and I don't mean only the hours!

Granted it isn't as challenging - and scary - as changing the wi-fi antenna in my iBook G4 12" but it was so hard that I was sweating most of the time and got some blisters of blood in my fingers.

I don't remember hating something so much as I hate those "bleeping" Torx screws! Darn!!

Anyway, here are the tools I used with the parts I bought on eBay:


Now the before and after screenshots:

Before - http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/783/b...

After - http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/7852/...

One other thing I knew before hand was that I would need to adapt the 2,5" HDD where it was the 3,5" HDD so I improvised some sort of bracket. But it turns out that the holes in this iMac's HDD are different from the ones in the HDD I used as a model, so I had to improvise in the improvisation :P


Oh and credit where it's due: I would've never done that if it weren't for the guides I found here. Honest!

So thank you guys at iFit, you didn't make the job easier, but certainlly made it possible - and less risky! :)

And last, but not least: yeah, now it's WAAAY faster!! :D

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After almost 2 months I finally got all the parts I ordered on eBay and have bad news: the seller who sold me the heatsink sent me the wrong one.

I did told him I wanted the iMac 24" heatsink, when I complained he said he remembered what I asked and still sent me the iMac 20" heatsink. Now he refuses to refund and because it took too long to get here, I cannot leave negative feedback on eBay nor can I open a dispute on Paypal.

Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...

Now I don't know if I'll try to buy it again somewhere else or just give it up and just change the CPU leaving the stock heatsink on it...

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According to Mactracker the two iMacs have the same logic board system bus (1066mhz) so if the processors form factor are identical the 3.06Ghz should fit.

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Thanks, that's what I wanted to know.

Thanks everyone! And yeah, if everything goes all right I'll post pictures and print-screens. :)

I've downloaded/installed Mactracker and when I checked "This Mac" it appeared both 20"and 24". Guess that's a good sign! :D

+ my research says correct :-)

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I'm 90% certain that the heatsinks are not the same size. I don't have one in front of me at the moment, though.

Since you already bought the processor, just try to install it with the 20-inch heatsink. The only potential drawback would be firmware incompatibilities. iMacs aren't meant to be upgraded... so I don't know if your 20-inch logic board will be able to use the new processor properly.

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Yeah, I was worried about firmwares too until I saw on MacTracker that my logicboard is show as being both from 20" and 24" iMacs, so I think there is a hope there. :)


About the heatsinks my concern is overheating and since the exchange would be made by professionals (no, I don't have the guts to open an iMac :P ) if that happens then I'll be forced to pay again for them to replace it. Worse, since I'm buying from overseas - I'm brazilian - I'll be stuck with a overheating iMac until the heatsink arrives and only then I'll have to pay for the exchange...


About the difference in sizes, I'm pretty sure they're about the same lenght and width, but I don't know if they have the same thickness (don't know if that's the right word though).

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If it fits there shouldn't be an issue. I would not bother replacing with such little upgrade in speed. Go ahead and try but you won't notice much of an increase in performance.

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Yeah, I was afraid it wouldn't boot with the new processor or something like that even if it fits.

Also, I'm concerned about temps, do you think it might go too high?

Oh, and I think the performance will be increased not only 'cause I'm replacing the processor but 'cause I'm also changing the HDD to a SSD hybrid so I think this combo will get me a noticeable difference, right?

Thanks for the answer! :)

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I just bought one of them on ebay with Intel core 2 Duo 2GHz IMac A1224

according to Google processor look like that:


2 months ago I was repairing (don't laugh I know it is boring PC) my dell laptop so I striped my laptop down and I can remember that there was the same processor T7200.

Anyone know if I can take processor form faulty laptop with high clock and put it to my imac ?

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Carlos, in case you see this, I'm curious how this CPU swap went. My thinking is that if the heatsinks aren't dramatically different in size, you're probably fine with the heatsink that came with your slower CPU, and if/when the faster CPU gets hotter, the iMac's fans will just run longer. Of course, hearing the fans more often might get annoying, if you're the type that's bothered by that.

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Apparently it will take longer for me to know that too as I still didn't get some of the parts I've ordered...

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Hey there,

I hope to see a response here too as I've been researching this same upgrade to no avail.

Re. temperatures

- You can monitor the temperatures of a number of different copmponents inside your Mac with "Temperature Monitor"


- You can also manually change the fan speeds if you can see your temperatures getting too high with "SMC Fan Control"


This helped me when my 2133 would crash during COD4 matches. The GPU would overheat and freeze and could only be overcome with hard restarts. Manually increasing fan speeds before I start playing now means no dramas.

I'm sure these should work just as well for your new processor. That is, if you went through with the upgrade...

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I do use SMC Fan Control for about 2 years now and yeah, will be a must after the upgrade.

And about the upgrade itself, I decided that if I'm going through the pain of opening my iMac I better make it worth and for that I'll take a step further: will also try to upgrade it's video card. XD

I did a bit of research and apparently mine can be changed and now I have the CPU, the hybrid HDD and am waiting for the vid-card to arrive.

The main drawback is that I live in Brazil ans am buying everything on eBay, which means cheaper parts but also means it takes about 30 days to arrive, so that's why it's taking soooo long for me to actually doing it... :(

That's bonza mate!

Given your efforts, I have taken the plunge and bought the same processor off eBay:

SLAQD Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile E8435 APPLE IMAC

I will document my efforts when I have everything together and will post back to show results :)

Now if someone can come up with a solution for upgrading the graphics card, I'd be floating!

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Hey mate, while the new CPU runs well, the CPU fan constantly is Max on startup and then gradually decreases.

Once I start doing anything though, the CPU temp apparently jumps from 35c to about 75c in a matter of seconds!

(I seriously doubt that's actually the case though)...

It's not a huge issues but I really dislike the loud fan noise.

My ideas are that one of the temp sensors were not connected back properly or that it may be shorting out on startup.

Every single time I start the iMac, the CPU fan is max. All other fans run as normal.

I can't control the CPU fan with SMCfancontrol, every other fan is directly changeable though! The CPU fan now seems to have a mind of it's own...

I'm going to try a few things out, I may even swap the old CPU back to see if that helps and post back UNLESS ANYONE CAN SUGGEST ANYTHING FOR ME??

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To be honest, if you find a answer to that please do share it!

The only thing I could do was to uninstall SMC fan control, reboot and on that reboot, zap the PRAM. That took care of the other two coolers that were also running on max (and greatly reduced the noise) but the CPU fan still is on max up until today.

Curious thing though: while I was trying to make that other video card work the fan was running normal and, when I put the original video card back, it went back on max again, don't really know why...

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Hmm, did you have any trouble with the spring-loaded screws that hold the heatsink onto the processor?

I left mine a bit loose and used no thermal paste :/

I've got some thermal paste now Nd will try to secure the heatsink to the processor a bit better this time and let you know.

Although, it only took me about 2 hours roughly following the Logic Board replacement guide...


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It took me all day but I had to clean it (3 years worth of dust bunnies :P), change the HDD and tried a different video card, but no, I didn't have any trouble at all with the heatsinks. And I wouldn't let it without thermal paste, in fact I could bet that's why yours is running that hot!

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You guys have me thinking (which of course is dangerous).

I have an iMac 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 128 MB


Any thoughts on upgrading this ?



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Assuming your iMac IS upgradable (ask Google), you could replace the processor with the same I did, replace those RAMs with 4gb 800mhz and (the hardest part) replace that video card with a 512mb (again, ask Google which one).

But to be honest, unless you plan on upgrading just one item you should consider on buying another computer, it might be cheaper.

Unfortunately, for Alan's generation (A1200, iMac6,1), the upgrades probably aren't worth the expense and stress they'd take to do. That generation has a 667 MHz system bus, and the chipset won't see more than the 3GB of RAM that's already installed. Apple also made this model in a 2.33 GHz model, which I believe is the fastest of the 667 chips; a 5% speed boost probably isn't worth the trouble. Replacing the hard drive with an SSD will produce far more dramatic results.

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On a related note-- I have an old iMac MA877LL/A 20in 2.4 C2D.. What's the fastest processor I can put in this? For you guys who upgraded to the 3.06 did you see tangible improvement? I'm thinking along the same lines-- upgrade to an SSD and a faster CPU to revive my old faithful iMac.

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