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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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TCL TV keeps flashing black on and off

My TCL tv keeps flashing black on and off. It's not a complete solid black, kinda transparent on the left side and transitions to solid on the right. It's happened a few times and eventually fixed itself bit has now happened again.

Sound is unaffected. Can't be the hdmi as it happens even when no cord is plugged in and the no signal screen comes up. Power supply is plugged into a surge protector.

Any thoughts?

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Isn't this NEW TV still under warranty ?

I've had mine (55') for 16 months...

I've noticed that if I put it on low power in picture mode it drastically reduces the flashing does this help in finding a solution?

stephensnider10 since it changes with the change in picture mode it sounds like a power board/ backlight issue. Most likely condidates is the backlight array.

TCL sucks! Had this same issue within my warranty period. They had me do a power reset, fixed the problem for 2-3 months. It started again, but now I'm out of warranty period, and they will do nothing. The customer service agent told me this was a common problem, but only gave me a bandaid, not a fix to the problem, to get me out of warranty so they didn't have to replace my tv. I will never purchase another tcl

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@tracywoods82 sounds like a backlight issue. You do want to check the power supply board on this. Remove the back of your TV and take a look for any obvious damage. Leaking or domed looking capacitors as well as all the interconnect wiring are a prime suspect. Double check all that. Post some images of your boards etc. with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기 for that.

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You may look for bad capacitors.....as of now, bulging capacitors are extremely rare now. If You would have a model number, that would be great.. In older sets 2010 plus may have a Frame Rate Control Board (FRC). That would actually describe your TV. If you can press the menu button and it should cease to flicker. Opening and removing the cover is just a shot in the dark these days. Thanks for asking, Matt of Martins TV Repair.

check capacitor

All of my TCL TV's have done this new out of the box when using the HDMI connection with a computer. They have a problem holding onto a digital connection from such devices. I have had 4 so far and they are all the same. The 65" is the worst

you have a bad led's. to replace these, is to time consuming. as an authorized servicer, i have repaired these under warranty. we pull the tv boards out of your existing tv, and place into a new panel.

thank you for asking.

matt of martin's tv repair.

I lowered the backlight from 100 to 90. No more random black screen.

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Change the picture settings. I set everything back to normal and the flickering screen issues went away.

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Thank you I was about to buy a new TV

Thanks for that, I'd tried all the other things to no avail including ringing the support service, your way worked

Thanks bro thought I was out a tv

I just had a shadow issue on the left side of my screen, every half minute or so. Tried the picture settings, returned to normal instead of bright, and the flashing shadow stopped.

Which part of picture settings?

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Same/similar problem TCL 49D100BAA (1080p no roku/no wifi) Tv hdmi(arc input) to rhe soundbar powerd woofer amplifier hdmi distribution (1 in hdmi from computer, 1 out hdmi <arc> to Tv) . Tv started slowly flashing dim to bright over ~5 min the rate went from 20x/min ro 60+/min. The solution working for me/my set uo so far. 1.Turned off tv, unplug hdmi and power cord. Push power button when unplugged, wait few min(i did 5 not ina hurry). 2. Plug just power cord back in Turn TV on goto Tv menu and factory reset (i restarted Tv again probably unnec) 3.. After restart the following settings worked(Bright:50 ; Contrast:55; Hue:55; Sharp:50; temp :normal; Dynamic Contrast:Off; screen ratio:Point ro Point; NR:Off. Backlight:50. 4. All cables checked and/or (re) connected to computer. So far sink remains open, no other problems.. Yet.

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Hi i am currently facing the same flickering Screen with TCL 55, i pretty sure that the flickering happens after you plug in a sound bar beside it. I am fixing it as written above hopefully it works

thnx sir ... it work!!!!

I followed your instructions and it worked. Thanks

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Mine has been doing the same thing. Sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right. It works in conjunction to the screen TVbrightness/PictureMode. If I set to Normal/Normal, all is ok. If I raise either 1 of the 2 settings to a brighter screen, such as bright or vivid or enhanced, I get the flicker. Also, changing the backlight level higher will cause it as well. Annoying, but will put up with if for a while, until it gets worse or goes out.

If I have to replace it, will go back with the same TV I guess. TCL Roku 55” 4K.

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Unfortunately….the TV Screen is bad. The LEDs are at fault.. It is nearly impossible to remove screen cover to replace the LEDs in any TV. When under warranty…we will receive a new panel (screen, once called the picture tube) and replace. Take boards out of bad TV and install into new panel. A new panel is as much as the TV $. I have seen many TVs with this problem, and is common to all sets now. Thanks for asking, Matt of Martins TV Repair.

Update (01/09/2019)

I have repaired many of these. Unfortunately the LEDs are not operating correctly. It may be the LED board. But truly the LEDs are flickering because of a faulty LED. These units can have approxitimately 40 + LEDs. If one goes out….they all go. The only real poosible repair is to replace the entire panel (What you actually watch is the panel). You may have seen repair on line, replacing LED strips…that may be fine. This is very time consuming and can be a complete waste of time. Under warranty, ( year old or less) a new panel is sent. We remove the boards from your now TV, and place them into the new panel. I would consider shopping for a new set. Thanks for asking, Matt of Martins TV repair.

Update (01/30/2019)

Another thing you want to try, in TVs with this issue. LVDS cables may need cleaning. These are the TAPE (CABLE) RIBBON you see to and from power supply to main board. The other RIBBON CABLE to the T-con board or the TV its self. Unclip these carefully and slide out. With a can of electronic cleaner spray a chamois stick. Clean the contacts at the end of the RIBBON CABLE (TAPE), and then the board contact its self as well. Thanks for asking Matt of Martins TV Repair.

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As I pursue answers to this problem. I believe the issue could really be the FRC. Frame Rate Control has been an issue I encountered with a Philips TV. This board has become an issue in other sets. FRC creates an ultra picture near photo quality. You may have noticed older movies look too perfect to be a standardized broadcast. It produces a double frame to produce a quality picture. I think they look more like a soap opera story. A very sensitive area in TV technology nearing the ultra K coming out today. Thanks for listening to my comment.

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Yes, that can work. The real problem is that there are a few LED’s that are not coming on.

By setting the picture mode to Movie or sometimes Game mode will correct the flashing.

Picture is not totally bright, but you can enjoy your TV.

Thank you for listening, Matt of Martin’s TV Repair.

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Yeah, TCL is a real $@$*!& TV after a few years

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Hi, I was just able to stop the blinking dark then light on the left side by going to picture settings and changing the setting from bright to dark.

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That just worked on mine also.

Thank you

Hello I am so glad I stumbled upon this. It worked for me also! Thanks

I have the Roku remote and if you click the* icon on remote it should go to where you find in a list is picture setting

After reading most of the comments and expert replies, this looks like the screen power control circuits are getting weaker as the "fixes" are actually reducing load demand on that part. Weal leds are right behind as a cause to these problems-all point to a board or screen replace, or new TV.

Mine is flickering straight to black, off and on, and then will go black for a few seconds then back on. Works while playing video, but navigating menus is almost seizure inducing. Attempted to adjust brightness and picture settings, unplugging other devices to no avail. Might be enough to steer me away from replacing with anything of the same brand, unfortunately. I've recommended TCL to everyone I know, whoops!

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We've had the same issue going on for months and I think I've finally fixed it, so thought I'd post here in case it helps others. I found a separate HDR settings menu that only appears when watching something 4K HDR. For us it was something in Netflix that I had paused. I happened to press the settings button on the remote while there and realised that everything was different. The backlight setting was at 100 instead of 65 that we had it at in the regular settings. I lowered the backlight until the flashing stopped. It got less frequent the lower the backlight number and stopped completely in the low 60s. I'm leaving it at 65 for now and will lower it more if needed. I hope this helps someone else! So glad we don't have to buy a new TV when apart from the flickering this is perfectly fine.

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