Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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teardowned iPod try to synch with itunes to rescue data?

i got my watered ipod cleaned.

i treat it with destilled water and isopropylalcohol and with a brush a removed all visibel signs of corrosion.

there is to say, that the divice was for 2 days in the river.

it show various sings of electric shortcuts in the innerspace.

the frontglass, the display and backsheel are removed.

now, how smart was it, to connect the electronic parts (motherboard and batterie) with my powerbook befor reasseble it, to try to get a backup of my data ?

may i cause a defect with that on my powerbook ?

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thank you, oldturkey 03. i have follow the "Electronics Water Damage" guide. a had the most things done befor. but no sign of life from the ipod.

any suggestions ?

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You could check the dock connection and the battery solder pads to see if you have any power at them when you plug your ipod in. Could be as simple as a shortened battery. The lithium batteries do NOT tolerate water at all.

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I don't like saying this, but that was not smart at all. If you connected it to any kind of power source before properly cleaning and letting it dry out you may have casued a short circuit on your logic board. the only thing that I would do is to clean it again and follow these suggestions Electronics Water Damage and after that assemble it and see if it does give you any sign of life. Let us know once you are done with doing it properly over again and have re-evaluated the damage. Good Luck.

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