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Kitchen,bath hot taps have running water but bathroom sink hot tap doe

All hot taps in house run water but bathroom sink tap only runs for a few seconds then totally shuts off whilst still turned on fully

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Hi @theends ,

Try the following and see if it clears any possible obstruction in the pipe feeding the tap. (be prepared for water to come out under pressure)

Having two people to perform the test is advisable, one standing by to turn off the main taps ;-)

Shutoff the main hot water tap for the house (usually near the hot water service) and the main cold water tap to the house.

Remove the tap handle, spindle and washer from the bathroom sink’s hot water tap fitting (as if you’re going to replace the tap’s washer)

Place a rag (or even a bucket upside down) over the tap fitting to prevent hot water going everywhere.

Open the main hot water tap and check the flow from the bathroom sink hot water tap fitting. (if there isn’t much pressure open the main cold water tap to increase the pressure flow through the hot water service)

Be careful as the water will be hot!

Once the hot water flows unobstructed, shut off the main hot water tap (and the main cold water tap if you’ve opened it) and replace the sink’s tap washer, spindle and handle etc.

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Your symptoms sounds sorta like what is described in this thread….

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That link has no solution.

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There is a mention part way down the thread of a "lost" check valve ball that was flushed out of the system by a very tortuous technique of hooking up enough large ID plumbing to reach a drain where the the contents of the supply stream could be observed in a large container (bathtub in this case). It would get to the plumbing to faucet transition hose and stop the flow. Changing any number of faucets had no effect on the symptom of course.

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