Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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I start watching videos the screen turns black,

Hello, Im having a problem with my Hp notebook, When ever I start watching videos the screen turns black, but it still shows the tasking bar, when ever I use the mouse the video shows up, but as soon as I leave it it turns black again.

Thank You!

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What is the model number of your HP laptop?

What OS is installed?

Have you checked that you have the latest video drivers applicable to your model laptop, installed?

Are these DVD videos or are you watching online?

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Open windows Control Panel, open Power Options, next to your currently selected power plan click Change plan settings.  In the following windows, next to the heading 'Turn off the display:' click the dropdown box and select Never - set this for both battery and Plugged-in if required.

Click the 'Save changes' button to keep the new settings.

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