The HP 15 laptop can be identified by the model number R263DX.

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How can rid of a black spot on my pc?

Yesterday, i got a little black spot on my pc screen. I don't know why.

And this morning i found out that is getting bigger.

Is there any solution to fix it without the need to replace it.

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Occasionally, the pixels on your computer screen will get stuck and you may see a red, blue, green, white or black spot. If you have a LCD computer screen, try to remove the broken pixel by lightly rubbing on it. Otherwise, use a software application to help you to remove it. Software such as Jscreen Fix, Pixel Fixer and Dead Pixel Buddy are designed to locate and fix broken pixels on a your computer screen.

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Actually, i tried Jscreen Fix for about an hour. And nothing special.

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Hi @dhia1 ,

Just to eliminate the remote possibility that it is not a screen problem, try connecting the laptop to an external monitor and check if its' display is OK

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@jayeff Ok i will try it later.

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