The LG X Power is a 4G LTE smart phone that was released on August 2016. This model has a 16 GB memory with an Android operating system.

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Random apps keep installing on my LG Xcharge

I have an LG xcharge, for no apparent reason it keeps on installing random apps. I recognize this is a virus/malware type of thing, but I haven’t downloaded anything suspicious and I have made absolute sure to change my google passwords. I’ve also scanned my phone with a few different reputable malware scanners. I’ve looked at the other questions like this and people say you need to reset your phone entirely, but I really don’t want to lose all my photos (I take a lot of pictures with my phone). Is there anyway around this, that a moderately technologically educated person could do? It’s really stressing me out…. it may be time to get a new phone, but I really like this one and would prefer to try and save it.

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Hi @eisel ,

Can't you backup your photos to your Google Account or to a PC (along with the rest of your data and downloaded apps) and then reset the phone and checked what happens?

Have you tried using an AV app -example only and performed a virus check? You only mention malware, which is not the same thing.

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Try to uninstall recently installed App on your phone by you. Maybe you have installed any new App and it has access to install additional App without your permission.

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