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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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The sound is working but The screen is black.

Hi everyone I have a ‘55 inch TCL Roku smart tv’.

My tv was working perfect last night but when I turned it on this morning the screen was black, I couldn’t see anything. I can hear all the noises he tv makes. Someone please HELP me!

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This is happening to me to

It happened to me as well

same here. My model is :

TCL 55S405

Roku Soundbar: Version 9.2.6 Build 5203

Used to go to a green screen and now it is black and you have to totally shut the TV off to get a screen back. So not happy with this soundbar. Nothing but problems since I got it for a Christmas gift for my husband.

@A B I have the exact model tv as well as you. My tv went out yesterday. Did you get your tv to work?

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Simple solution: Do a factory reset.

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My 55 inch tcl also got the black screen just over a year old and they wont even tell me qhat part i need i even offered to pay for it. I hope they go under ripping everyone off woth junk.

My TV doesn't have any remote buttons. Does it have to have a remote control?

See my comment that was posted today 12/04/21

The TV is done! Luckily mine was only 9 months old when I got the black screen and under 1 year warranty so I got my money back and got a Samsung. TCL is junk, the Guy who came to look at my TV before me getting reimburse said that he gets many calls with the same issue it is just junk tvs, You're fighting a losing battle trying to get reimbursed if it's been over a year the warranty has expired you're stuck with a junk TV

Mine was a 65 inch TCL paid 1000 for it and it only 14 months old. A like the others woke up turned on tv as always in the am. Nothing but black an company won't stand by their products never again.

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Marlon Manyweather  in a darkened room turn the TV on to a channel where you have sound etc. Then us a flashlight and shine it at an angle against the screen see if you can make out shapes silhouettes etc. If so you know that your backlight is not working. This may require replacing the LCD strips inside the panel or a new power board. You will have to remove the back from your TV and check the power board with a multimeter Post some good images of all of your boards with your question so we an see what you see. 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기

If you cannot see anything (triple check) then it is possible that this is a bad main board or a bad t-con board as wella s the panel (unlikely but possible)

Of course before all of this. Unplug your TV, unplug all devices that are plugged into your TV and then hold the power button down for about a minute or so. Then plug one video source (preferably a local DVD/BR or Game console)in and plug the TV in, restart. See if that resolved it since a bad cable box can sometimes cause a dark screen as well.

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How much will that be

Hey, I am also having the same issue, I tried shining the light in a darkened room and can see shape silhouettes. How do I know whether its the LCD strips or the power board?

Hi I am having a issue were my ONN roku tv is just shown a black screen but the sound is working

TCL repairman came and replaced parts when my tv suddenly went dark for no reason, new parts didn't work either, TCL ended up sending me a check for my tv since it was still under 1st year warranty. Waste of time it took a month for whole process, never again will I buy TCL ended up getting Samsung. I had a 75 inch, only had for 8 months, garbage

TCL made me send pictures of my TV, receipt and video, the hassle alone made me want to say screw it, but I got reimbursed the entire $848, they told me to keep tv because it was too big to pickup so I sold it on Facebook for $150. These TCL tvs are garbage and they know it.

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There is a YouTube video addressing this exact problem.

You can watch it, but here's with a try.

Follow these steps.

Turn on the TV.

Press the home page button 5 times.

Press the curser up button 1 time

Press the rewind button 2 times.

Press the fast forward button 2 times.

The TV should start a reset and will likely turn on and off two or three times. Takes up to ten minutes.

Seems to be a common problem.

And I would watch the short video on YouTube first if you're not real tech savvy.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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I have the same TV and similar to your problem.

Did you try the reset using a series of keystrokes on the remote?

Look on YouTube for how to do that. Just search your model on how to reset.

On mine I have a black screen but I can see it's fully lit up. All the LEDs are lighted. But no images.

I can hear the clicking of the remote as chick the various buttons. So I would assume it's just a single board that needs to be replaced. And I'm quite capable of replacing the board but don't care to spend the money unless I know for sure that's the problem.

I've asked on the forum here, but sadly not one person had replied.

So don't be surprised if you get no replies either . Good luck hope you find a solution.

awesome fix, worked as a charm, did go to settings afterward and turned off quick start, I knew when I bought this set that it was cheap and expected it to not last, we will see if with this fix i'll get some more time out of it

Hi, am from Nigeria. This fix worked for my 50" TCL C715.......thereafter the display i then noticed like two fainted dotted lines on the bottom part of my TV showing in stripes-like form......but still displaying pictures.

Music Man 50 repair work perfect by else TCL TV did everything but the pictures were black. You can hear the sound and everything I did this fixed and it worked.

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I got my 55” S405 picture back. My issue was sound & image that could only be seen w/flashlight. I went researching on youtube. I found that most likely issue was LED backlight strips. I don't know deep electronics or how to trace voltage. But I do know system hardware replacements. It is by no means an easy repair for the novice. The replacements totaled $32. I took a chance this was it for the cost. Cheap LED strips made sense to me. I found a great youtube video on the breakdown. My TV was last gen in this model. The LED strips on 1st models were glued in; not easy to get out. Mine had 1 little screw on each strip, then each slid out easily. Kinda makes me think TCL made it easier to repair knowing they were faulty…

I can't believe how many people have this issue. Boo!

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Good sir. May you offer your source of part(s) and or YT vid?

https://youtu.be/I32MBlbRWMs - video to show LED strip repairs. Each tv version of my model (55S40x) differs slightly on the breakdown.

The parts came from eBay. I had never used seller https://www.ebay.com/itm/TCL-55S405-55S4... . Just search your tv model & 'LED Strips replacement'. Costs go from ~$25 - $50. I spent a couple extra bucks & picked somebody east coast to get it faster.

Forgot to mention; the YouTube video guy tries to repair his LED strips. I don't know how to read electronic scopes or repair circuitry, so I went with the $32 replacement parts.

Mark-- I think I also saw your comment on the YT video you linked. Same model TV, mine also 2.5 yrs old like yours...I can see the menu/letters with flashlight test. I've tried LITERALLY everything else mentioned here and elsewhere online. Going to attempt to swap out the LED Strips. Questions...1. Did you simply replace ALL strips rather than search for the one faulty LED bulb?? 2. Could you please list ALL tools you needed? 3. Did you use the little plungers to lift the glass or can this be done easily with two people? 4. Any snafus or anything you think I should know before attempting this that you wish you had known? Sorry for all the questions but I'm not super handy or mechanically/electronically inclined so a bit hesitant. Thanks for your time and appreciate all of the posts and links.

I replaced all of the strips. At startup I could see the Roku launch screen just fine for a half second, then black. It has a built-in protection that shuts the LEDs off if it senses problems. I only used screwdrivers. I didn't buy the plungers. Someone helped me move it. If the panel cracks, the tv is trash. I didn't buy the replacement LEDs until I knew I could get it out. The panel sits in plastic tracks that, sort of, click into the metal chassis. Either the top or bottom {think was top) of the LCD had this piece glued in on mine. Other 3 came up/out with, slow prying. Be careful disconnecting & reconnecting cables. I had to go back into my tv to reconnect the LCD ribbons - I had no pic but brightness the 1st time I finished. Go slow and don't pull too hard on anything; except maybe the feet posts. I had to wiggle mine back & forth to get out. Make sure to give connectors a little tug after you reconnect them.

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My father bought the TCL 55" Class - 6-Series - 4K UHD LED LCD TV from Costco in December 2019. It was working great until mid-May when he had the same issue everyone is describing in this forum: no picture (black screen), but the sound works when on HDMI1 (connected to the cable box). The Roku home screen did work, however, and we were able to watch Netflix. I tried all of the solutions suggested in this forum (thank you!!), but they didn’t work for us.

Here’s what worked for us—turn off the TV and cable box. Unplug the power cord to the cable box, wait 30 seconds, plug the cable box back in, turn everything on. There must have been an issue with the connection between the cable box and the TV.

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Try disabling Fast TV Start in the Power section of the Sytem section in Settings. Worked for me.

Thanks, Ron! I specifically remember enabling the Fast TV Start feature when I set this TV up for my dad. I didn't think about trying to disable that during our troubleshooting. I appreciate your input!

we had to unplug both the tv and the cable box, wait 30 seconds, reconnect and then power on using the roku remote; then all was working. !!!

thanks to caroline and ron for your combined tips.

@ceevee35 Glad u experienced the same results as I did. Unfortunately you have to wait much longer for the TV to connect to the internet if u r running it wireless as I. I also have the Roku external speakers (great sound improvement for $150) which take time to connect prior to the wireless internet connection completion. The time to fully be ready upon power-on takes my set about 1.5min. .....better than throwing out the set. It seems to me that TCL or Roku introduced some software/firmware bugs in an update recently. Best of luck to Ron

Thanks Ron, I did exactly what you said. Realized I was already disabled from that feature then I saw system reset on that list and pushed it and now it works. Thanks

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It is a disposable Telly. Let’s say it costs a median of 400 US bucks and it works fine for 14 months. That =’s basically you rented the telly for 30 bucks a month. More if you financed it.

We have found repair kits for the power supply and back lights for just over 100 bucks should you elect to go the DIY route. Yet if you DIY it route and mess of the unit beyond repair. SOL. Many technicians do not even wish to touch these units. Very little profit for them to do so with no guarantee that it will 100% cure the issue. Should you get one local tech that will do it for 100 bucks for labor on top of the parts. Now your out 250 bucks and the unit may not work the same as it did out of the box.

I’ve been following this thread since Oct 2020 looking for solid answers before I just chit can the unit. I have succumb to avoid any tech chit made and controlled by Chinese companies and CCP. Terribly sit-rep for USA consumers.

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Hi everyone, we have a Samsung 50 " TV that has been doing the same thing for months.

We have comcast and they have been out 8 times and replaced all the boxes, wiring and so on.

We have a electrical strip with everything plugged into the strip including a lamp.

The lamp light was always on so no problem right, wrong, we replaced the electrical strip and the problem was solved.

So you might want to check your electrical strip if you have one.

Good luck

Throw the tv away before you open the box, you'll feel better than all the people who watched it die a slow death.

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Hi @carriecarlevale ,

If it is not 12 months old yet, make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair or replacement.

Check the warranty statement that should have come with the TV (or look in the user manual for it) how to do this.

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Hey, I am also having the same issue, I tried shining the light in a darkened room and can see shape silhouettes. How do I know whether its the LCD strips or the power board

@John Ng'ang'a ,

If you have a TCL TV there's not much information on them out there.

You may have to find out where the power is coming from for the LED strips, the power board or the mainboard, by finding the cable coming from the panel. There won't be too many wires in it (4?).

Then measure the voltage at a suitable connection point. If it is high voltage (>220V DC) it most probably is in the LED strips. if low voltage (<50V DC) the source of the supply or the mainboard not telling the supply to turn on the power.

Sorry about the vague answer but as a DIY repair, testing the power board and the power to the LED strips is the only way to move forward on this


you have been extremely helpful. far more helpful than roku or tcl care to be. I’m working on a tv right now with this issue. Just replaced the power supply and still have the issue. Going to reset but doubt it’ll help. With your advice, I will probably have to replace LEDs.

Same issue, only we were blessed (?) to have our TCL 55" work for two years and 6 weeks. Black screen. None of the resets worked for us, and I am sad to say that we also have a TCL 65". Blah. I will file with BBB just because I see there are no viable options and they do not take any responsibility for making a bad product. It's sad. But . . . at least we all know not to buy TCL ever again! Right?

Same issue with a 55". I have tried all suggestions. My solution was to disconnect everything remove from mount and dispose of. Never buy a TLC again. Mine lasted less than 2 years.

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Hi @ Diasia Sweat,

Here’s the TCL warranty information, or search for TCL TV warranty in your location if the link is not applicable to your location .

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The best fix to this issue are here:

  • Check all the cables
  • Connect the TV to your computer and update the firmware

Hope the mentioned solution will fix the problem of your TV.

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Here is a great backlight replacement video

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I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your TV. Based on what you've described, it sounds like the issue may be with the display itself. Here are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check the power source: Make sure that your TV is properly plugged in and that the outlet you're using is working. You can also try unplugging the TV and plugging it back in to see if that helps.
  2. Check the input source: Make sure that your TV is set to the correct input source. For example, if you're using an HDMI cable to connect a device to your TV, make sure that the TV is set to the correct HDMI input.
  3. Check for physical damage: Look for any physical damage to the TV, such as cracks or dents, that might be causing the issue.
  4. Contact the manufacturer: If none of the above steps work, it may be best to contact the manufacturer or a professional repair service to diagnose and fix the issue.

I hope these steps help you resolve the issue with your TV. Good luck!

you can use following references for detailed and multiple fixing methods of TCL TV Black Screen issue:

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