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Apple AirPods are wireless headphones released December 2016.

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Right AirPod dying quicker than the left

So I have Gen 1 AirPods with the 2nd Gen Wireless Charging Case. I’ve noticed that my right AirPod is actually dying quicker. I charge them both to 100% and use them at the same time. My mic for them is set to automatic, not on specific side. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks!

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Hi! Happens to me too sometimes (not always) and they are brand new. Perhaps it's something in the firmware? On which firmware version are yours running?

Hey, they’re running on the latest they can right now (6.8.8) @koppie007

That is the newest firmware for the Airpods (1st gen). Perhaps the battery life is reduced for the right Airpod...

Why would it be reduced on one side by a substantial amount though? They’re always used at the same time. If it helps they were dead flat and charged to around 80% in like 5 minutes. Not sure if that’s normal or not. @koppie007

They charge really really fast, and mine do charge within minutes too, so I guess it's okay. Some batteries (beginning to) die earlier then others with no specific reason.. But sometimes I got the same issue as you described, perhaps a bug in the firmware? Wondering how many people are facing this..

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This is likely because of the physical battery in the device. If you use one of them significantly more than the other it can negatively affect the battery. Using one a lot more than the other will cause it to have more cycles and cause the battery to deteriorate faster. Unfortunately, the batteries on airpods tend to die after ~ 1 and 1/2 years, and the batteries are essentially unreplaceable. It might also be that you keep one plugged in far too much, causing the battery to deteriorate from always being connected to power.

Edit: As mentioned below, you could also disable siri in one of the airpods, which may decrease power consumption. Apple tries to do always on Siri so that it is always listening and ready for you, but this isn’t always necessary and can be a drain on battery.

iFixit Staff Edit: for more details on how to diagnose AirPod battery drain issues, and further assistance with your problem, check out our One AirPod Dies Faster troubleshooting page.

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I’ve only had my airpods for a couple of days and this is happening

same I only bought it yesterday and the right one is dying so fast

Please am Michael from Ghana, please my brother just brought me a new airpod pro from Canada a week ago.but the right side battery drains fast and it can’t work for 30 minutes

For what it's worth, my right airpod started dying after only 60 minutes of play. Very frustrating, but I found that putting them back in the case for only 3-5 minutes, renewed the charge for another 60 minutes or so. Still not great, but at least I can continue to listen to music.

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I had the right earpod configured to use Siri and that one was draining about 5-6 times faster than the left one. I set both earpods to play/pause on tap today and since then they seem to be charging at the same rate. Indeed it displays a single charging pod icon on my phone when I pop the case open where earlier it was displaying separate ones for left and right pods.

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Thank you. It worked for me too. was searching for a solution from few months. It's always these small things that fixes most complicated issues. I wouldn't say it fixed it completely but draining on my right airpod is now much slower than before.

Thank you, that solved the problem for me as well!!

A similar situation occurred to me when one of my airpods stopped working At first I assumed it was a physical error but then realized it was a software glitch. I had to conduct research on the internet for a solution and the following provided a solution to my problem: https://bit.ly/2Seh3Ua

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Not buying AirPods again on principle till the battery life improves. Expect $150 headphones to last more than 2 years. Can’t be a good thing for planetary trash situation.

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Wisdom Chandra! I'm used to getting good gear, looking after it and using for a long time: computer, truck, phone, outdoor gear, everything...what you share is wise both financially and ethically. PEACE!

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For everyone that reads this in the future, I purchased Airpods Pro which had this issue on second use. (first use, it went to 100%). on the next uses, the left pod could not go higher than 70% charger. and when using it, 70% of charge finish in just 30min, where the right side was normal.

I called apple, at first, i was told that i have to use my airpod for 1 week and battery will settle by itself. I told them I “want” to use it, but it do not allow me. it keep go off after short period of time. so they agree to exchange, but apple exchange would take 14 days where I am.

so I went back to the same e-commerce website that I purchased it from (tiki.vn), they send a bike to collect airpod from me, they investigate and after 3 days, they send another bike to deliver a new box to me (completely new). new box does not have this issue anymore.

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Had 2 pairs and it’s always the right AirPod with problems and reading everyone’s comments I noticed it’s always the right pod with same problems. I think Apple might have to fix this problem?

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I wish that was the answer for me too. Both in their case for several days. I go use them, case is 90% full, left is around the same, but right shows 27%. Confused, I closed and open the case again. Then it showed 70%. Went out and in 45 minutes of listening to podcasts, the right had no more batteries. I will have to call Apple and ask. It’s annoying. Just got them a week ago.

Update (01/09/2021)

Suggest you guys ask for a replacement from wherever you purchased them. I called Apple and they couldn’t help beyond troubleshooting. They suggested I get a replacement from the vendor. I had bought them on Amazon and requested a replacement. New Airpods work flawlessly.

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My AirPods the left dies before the right ,and their not loud at all..their very low and I increased all the volume .still not booming like others

@sleem40 The reason why your AirPods sound low might be the fact that they need to be cleaned. There might be deposits of ear wax on the speaker grill/mesh. What you can do is either get them cleaned for free if your AirPods are in warranty or its chargeable. In case you want to clean it at home, you can use a soft bristles toothbrush and gently brush the speaker grill on the AirPods with slow strokes in single direction.

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I had the same problem,

Primary problem is that these batteries are so tiny that they will charge faster and as we all know whenever these Pods are in case are always on charging mode and due to this batteries deteriorates faster. Apple don’t seem to have any solution yet. (I recommend keep out your Pods from the case whenever it’s not in use.)

For me I cleared all the dust from the case and then parity was restored. Dust causes charging malfunctioning and you’ll always see charging differences from one Pod to another.

I hope this is helpful. :) Good Day!!

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Wow, this is wild to hear. That’s exactly what happened with my Gen1 AirPods. Loved and used them so much but a little after a year the right one died and they were like, “sorry your two-months past.” Purchased a second pair, Gen2, loved and used them so much especially for work now that all is by distance…would you believe the same thing happened again with the right side? I noticed it faintly getting progressively worse about a year out. I tried for weeks to contact the store where I purchased to no avail, just not answering and I live an hour’s drove from the city: not going to drive two hours and expose to crowds unnecessarily during the pandemic without even knowing if this could get solved. I eventually contacted Apple…after an hour on the phone with a lame tech who seemed to know less than me (am an everything Apple person for decades) I finally got a Supervisor, explained the situation that I started trying to address this right around the one-year mark but now it’s three months past. He took it all in and ordered a warranty exception to replace both buds but I had to return the originals. Guess I’m a believer and loyal Apple man again, but we can say the right earbud problem is replicated, and twice for me across two generations.

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Mine is airpod pro…

I purchased it days ago and right now the keft ear only last for 2minutes while the right ear last longer…

It's very annoying though…

I need help to equalize the two ears

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old post, but in addition to Siri, having your mic set to "automatic" will still result in only one of them having the mic being the faster one to die. I also think that when they are put in at the same time, Apple prefers one side, even when set to automatic. For example, if you have the mic set to automatic, and always put your AirPods in at the same time together, the right one will have the mic. Only if you take the right one out and put it back in will it switch to the left.

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Slight variation on the answers to date, however my AirPods Pro had one headphone drain to 0% whilst the other would still have 50% despite always using and charging them together.

I found that wiping down the inside of the AirPods charging case with a dry cloth tissue solved the issue. Turns out that if there is even a hint of a foreign substance (Eg. Crumbs, fluff, wax, liquid) on the inside of the case where the AirPods are charging, this may prevent one or both from charging adequately, if at all.

I wiped the inner case, put the Pods back in, and they both charged again and return to equal battery use. This was after resetting the case, disconnecting and reconnecting the AirPods, using the “forget this device” method and anything else I could find. If that proves useful, then great!

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