Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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No(/poor(one bar)) Service - Wifi works - What to do?


I recently bought a second-hand iPhone 3GS 32GB Black. It's without an unlock so all simcards should work.

Nevertheless, no simcard works, the iPhone keeps saying 'No service' most of the time and occasionally I have one bar.

I tried different simcards. Didn't work.

I tried another iPhone 3GS with the same sim on the same locations and this one has perfect service.

I tried updating to the newest (4.3.5) firmware. Didn't work.

I tried a full reset. Didn't work.

I tried resetting the network configurations. Didn't work.

Could you guys please help me?

I've been searching the internet for hours and hours but no solution yet.

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have you done an imei check?

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It now connects with my provider (Vodafone).

It reached 4 bars for like 10 seconds and then jumped back to 1/2 bars, does that mean anything?

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has the phone any damage to the rear case or has it been opened?

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Yes, it has a hairline crack near the dock connector. Let me take a picture of it and I'll show it here.

The previous owner said the screen has been replaced, so yes, the phone has been opened.

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when this happens it's either the sim reader is the it doesn't recognise the chip on the sims..try blowing gently into the simslot or opening the phone using any guide to the right under the photo (turn phone off first or you risk damaging the backlight) try cleaning the slot with a qtip to remove dust and grease, check that the gold pins are all there and not broken or flattened.if they are too flat then gently lift them up to about 45degrees.

You may find that you have the sim recognised, 1 bar of signal but if you try to call on the phone or you ring the phone no connection/hangs up. this may be that the phone has been reported lost or stolen to the network provider, the owner made an insurance claim, in either case the phone imei will have been blocked and you own an ipod... you can not get an imei unblocked unless you are the original owner who made the claim. to check the imei try the network or source like or you may have to pay a fee but it'll be worth it...the check takes minutes/done online. if it is stolen try and get a refund.

ps just because it has been "unlocked" doesn't mean it isn't blocked..

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First, thanks for your clear and elaborate answer!

I tried blowing in the simslot, however this has no result.

I think that I'm going to buy the things to open the phone and then see if anything according to your answer has happened.

I never was able to call so I don't know about hanging up but I'll get into that too if your first solution doesn't work.

I don't know what the proper term that should be used but the iPhone should be compatible with all providers from fabric. It isn't unlocked with Ultrasn0w f.e.

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if you have rung the network provider and they have told you your imei is ok, the phone recognises the vodaphone sim, then your problem may be in the dock connector which has the antenna on it. You'll need to open the phone and check(disconnect and then reconnect) that connector 7 is on the motherboard and that the 2 gold prongs nearby are connecting with the metal frame of the iphone. If that turns out ok, then you may need to replace it.iPhone 3GS Dock Connector Replacement

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I didn't call my provider. The phone recognised the sim before but the service/reception is just really bad: most of the time just one bar. I was on my way to an Apple Premium Reseller that also provides service&repair and I noticed that I got 3/4 bars. So I turned around back to my house and when I was back home there was only 1 bar/No Service while my iPhone 4 has 3/4 bars all the time in my house so that can't be the problem.

If I open the phone and connector 7 is on the motherboard and those 2 gold prongs are connecting well that means that something is wrong with the dock connector and that it need to be replaced?

What would you suggest? Cause I have no experience or whatsoever with repairing or even opening an iPhone.

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can any 1 help i have a 3g phone which is unlocked through jailbreak but it only only recognises virgin sim and that comes up with signal but doesn,t make a call, also 02 and 0range is read by the phone by activating airplan mode on then off but that has no signal atall

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