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Kenmore is a popular appliance brand commonly sold by Sears, but Sears does not manufacture any of the appliances themselves. Instead, they source that out and have other manufacturers make their appliances for them. Kenmore refrigerators are made by a variety of different manufacturers including LG, Electrolux, GE, and Whirlpool.

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My compressor went out in Kenmore Elite.

2015 Kenmore Elite Model 795.72483.410. I had a repair person out and they said the compressor needs to be replaced and that is the cause of my refrigerator and freezer not cooling. They said $600 part and $200 labor. We didn’t have him fix it and then read that my compressor has a 10 year warranty. I called Sears and they said it’s under warranty but they have to send a diagnostic tech out to diagnose for $99. They said the $99 will go toward labor if I have the repair done. I am wondering what kind of labor cost I am looking at. Can they not just take at face value what my original repair person said about it being the compressor and then come out to do the repair? I read there is another class action law suit brewing for LG compressors inside Kenmore refrigerators but it’s still in the works.

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My Kenmore 795.74053.411 went out 2 days ago. Manufactured in 2016. The LG compressor went out. Sears charged me $169 for diagnostics but wanted to charge $750 for labor. Part is under warranty.

I am suing in Small CLaims because the new compressor, by court order, is supposed to be free. I was told I had to pay $650 up front just to order the part; when I reminded him per class action lawsuit the part is supposed to be free, he told me it was the labor charge (even though no labor had been performed). Took two weeks for Sears to send a repairman out and another two weeks for them to get the new compressor and install it. Other repairmen told me it shouldn't be more than $400 for labor. It's a total rip off. Independent appliance repair people have told me that at first they could get the part from Sears for $100, then it kept going up until it was $450, and then finally, the part just wasn't being made available to them so Sears Home Services could garner the market on those repairs and gouge those of us who trusted Kenmore brands.

I have the same problem.Sears said part was under warranty and it would cost $691 for repair plus I had paid $79 for the call service to diagnose problem.

I have the same problem with a Kenmore Elite refrigerator I bought Sept 2016. Sears said it would be 2 weeks to have a tech look at it. I said I just want to know how much the compressor labor will cost, as the part is under warranty. They said I would have to schedule an appointment at a cost of $99. I said I already know its the compressor and had a private appliance company diagnose the problem. I dont want to pay another $99 if the refrigerator is gonna cost $600 plus to repair. Anna said it wont cost more than $300 to repair the compressor. I asked for a supervisor or manager to call me. No one ever called. Repair tech came out and said its the compressor. $634 to repair, they will install another LG compressor and warranty the work for 90 days. Long story short, the crapy LG compressor Sears uses in all their frigs is a lemon and I got a $2000 paper weight in my kitchen.

We are in the same boat. Local repair man charged $75 to say compressor was bad and call Sears. Two weeks for service call and $169. We told the agent that it was already diagnosed and we just wanted it fixed. Refused to quote us a price and supervisor never called back. Guy comes out and says it will be $169 plus an additional $1200. He wants to replace a good board and value, plus labor and the compressor is under warranty. Says they will not replace just the compressor. Won’t let us talk to his manager, charges $169 and leaves. Oh, and he had the compressor on his truck. $2500 paper weight.

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Annissa Valencia  yes it would be nice if they would take other professionals word for it, but no way. They all want their own people for the final verdict. I think at this point it’s best for you to go with their idea. Hard to say about labor cost etc. since that will depend on what the hourly rate is in your area.

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They can not charge for labor only diagnostic the recall and extended warranty covers the repair. And once they realize that the compressor is bad they have 30 days to refund your 169.00 by law it’s a recall issue. Same as with an automobile recall.

What recall? I just had mine replaced. Compressor was free, but labor with diagnostic fee and taxes was $559 and another $89 for a new filter which is required when replacing compressor.

I have the same problem with my Kenmore Elite. What a piece of junk. Had the compressor replaced by a Sears tech about 2 years back now it is out again. A class action suit is needed. How do I join it?

Same problem with Kenmore Elite 2nd time it’s not cooling right temp 50 degrees. Sears wants 1,450 to repair I yelled he was charging for a new compressor that was still under warranty price went down to $950. I paid the diagnostic fee 105 and declined the repair. These repairs men are really trying to rip off a female.

same for me repair 1250. Repair price more then double in 2 years. June 2021 $600, Sept 2023 $1250

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same issue. Compressor in 2014 or 2015 Kenmore Elite professional is gone!!! They want $169 to do diagnostics and then labor changers completely unknow. Can’t even give us a range.

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Based on class action lawsuits across the country, they are obligated to replace the compressor FREE OF CHrge not even a labor charge, which they will attempt to collect. That compressor and all apputenant parts (which they will also try to charge you for) have a 10 year extended warranty. I had to go to small claims but got my $739 back!

What a mess. Our unit has been out for weeks. We ordered and received a free compressor from Sears. It has been sitting here for a few weeks. Repair service is scheduled for mid- to late-June. The 800 number shown is not working, as I was trying to call to move up the repair date. The warranty states that the part will be provided at no cost, but labor is not included. Can I learn how to replace a compressor on Youtube?

@Bradley Pfeifer

You could but you would need the appropriate equipment to do it.

First you would have to tap into the sealed system and pump out all the refrigerant gas and safely store it so that it can be pumped back into the system once the compressor has been replaced. After this you would have to replace the compressor, then once installed you would have to create a vacuum in the sealed system, pump in the required amount of refrigerant, ensure that there are no leaks, then with the compressor running, test that the high and suction pressures in the system are as specified by the manufacturer, to ensure that the correct operating temperatures in the compartments are attained.

Depending on your location you may need to use a licensed repairer to do the work, due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases. If you need more refrigerant gas for whatever reason, where I am you can't even buy refrigerant gas without a license.

By the time you buy/hire the appropriate equipment it may be the same as paying for a professional to do it. Also they should guarantee their work if it goes wrong. ;-)

I don't know that it matters, but I am no longer a Sears customer....... and after decades. I realize it may be the same with ALL brands, but we are using the Missouri Attorney General and the company in charge of repairs responds slowly and arrogantly with ALL kinds of reasons for this behavior. They are primarily blaming the Pandemic. I guess we will check with small claims court but with the number of complaints on line - that doesn't seem the right route.

Linda O'Beck

Could you please share the instructions on how to put a claim to get the money back?

Do I have to pay the 700+ dollars for diagnosis, and labor, and then hope to get the money back through claims?

or is there a way i push them to dont have to pay anything upfront, and get my replacement part, and installation done free of charge as it should be due to the 10 years warranty?

Please let us know how to proceed based on your experience?



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Our fridge is finally working again.

  1. Spent $119 with a local repair outfit that diagnosed the compressor. He said he will not touch any OEM replacement parts, but could repair it with other parts for $1500 or more. We declined. (April 29, 2022)
  2. The one and only Sears repair tech within this metro area came and diagnosed a compressor failure. We paid $256 to cover service call and 50% of the expected labor. He ordered all the parts, which arrived within a week or so. (June 18)
  3. The tech returned and repaired the unit. He was fine and did a great job. I asked him how long I can expect the unit to last and he said, at least until you can't see my taillights leave the driveway. We paid $238 for a total of $613. Parts were covered under the 10-year warranty. (July 29, 17 weeks after failure.)
  4. After a number of calls with their off-shore team, we were sent a compressor (without the other required parts) early in the process. This compressor is still sitting in our kitchen. What to do with it?!?!?

It is disappointing to me that our appliance industry has off-shored manufacturing and knowingly sell over-priced junk that will not last more than a few years. I would replace my appliances every three years if they were priced accordingly. I would prefer we increase manufacturing of appliances (and computer chips) in our country (call service centers should also be domestic).

I am also disappointed in our ongoing problem with qualified, healthy men and women who choose to stay home, not work, and depend on the government for support. We need to get the country back to work by eliminating debt forgiveness and rent/mortgage support (some of which has already expired), and perhaps other government payments. I know the published unemployment rate is low, but how many people have simply stopped looking for work? How can there be one and only one tech within several hundred square miles?

Apologies for the rant.

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Anyone else having an issue after compressor is replaced? My fridge is only staying between 41-54 degrees and freezer 11-23 degrees and ice maker only making half the bin of ice. Thanks!

Hello people from the USA! I just had my refrigerator go out. I called Kenmore/Sears and they were a bit deceitful with their add-on sales tactics of the appliance home warranty they try to sell you on. They did not disclose all the costs associated with any claim I make and tried to make it seem like it was just 49.99 for a year Initially then went up after asking several questions so I took the bait then after giving them my CC they transfer me back to the salesperson and she starts disclosing other fees! Wow!! DECEITFUL, BAIT AND SWITCH! So I asked them to void my credit card and another hour on the phone Just for that, so about 2 hours total time wasted. I have my appointment scheduled for 5 days out and they said $89.99 for a technician to come out and take a look at the problem. I'm still under the 10-year warranty for the compressor part. But they said it covers the part only if it is that. They told me labor was going to run me $300 but the $89.99 goes towards the labor. Well have wait and see!

Stacy, I freaked out after our compressor was replaced when my son said the milk was not cold. I put a thermometer back in the fridge and set the temp to 36 for fridge and -1 for freezer. It seems to be working, but I am nervous. The fridge varies in the high 30s.

FYI, I still have a compressor on my shelf that Sears sent in error. I guess I will keep it as collateral?

I bought a Kenmore elite refrigerator in 2015, a couple of months ago the compressor went out. I called the 800 number, they sent a technician out and he told us the refrigerator was going to cost $2200 to fix. I read the warranty in my booklet and it says the compressor has a 10 year warranty. I called the company again and they want me to pay another $119 to send another technician because the first technician didn't list the compressor as going out. I told them I have an email where the technician itemized everything and the compressor is no good. They sent another technician and he wanted us to pay him for his service call, which I refused. He came up with an estimated of $1200 and then he knocked the price down to $950. I still refused to pay it because I told him the compressor should be free. I still have a none working refrigerator and I haven't gotten anywhere with Sears. Does anyone have a phone number I can call so I can get a compressor sent to me?

Can i get the 1800 for the 10 years warranty on Kenmore elite. Please need ASAP. tHANK

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Is there an open class action lawsuit for this? Kenmore Elite specifically with LG compressor failure? Mine just failed as well at 4 years old.

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There seems to be either a trend or actual fact about appliance warranties like refrigerators with a three part declaration; something like 2-5 years on electronics, 10 years on the sealed refrigeration system (compressor, filter/drier, condenser and evaporator coils) and least mentioned - labor. And of course the obligatory up front fee for a service tech to show up whether or not any diagnosis is made. Unfortunately 'free parts under warranty' doesn't reveal the initial service charge/diagnostic/labor costs to replace any parts. My guess is with parts quality seemingly going downwards, replacing faulty parts with the same parts seems plausible. It may be that manufacturers service reps reaps profits from labor charges along with unscrupulous techs charging for supposedly free parts under warranty as manufacturers look the other way with consumers forced to file in small claims court to recoup costs.

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Can i get the 1800 for the 10 years warranty on Kenmore elite. Please need ASAP. Thanks.

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My Kenmore 73165 (LG based) went out after 4 years. Sears said $99 for service call, and compressor is under warrantee.
Before he shows up, service guy calls and I tell 99% sure it's the compressor, he said $700 just for labor, so I cancelled his visit, but he did send me the part number......What's the point of a warrantee? Anyway, since we know this a known defect, anyone try to small claims court it? Anyone try to fix it themselves?

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We need a class action suit, it seems. I do know if you fix yourself, it will not be warranted.

Agree - The issue id caused by LG faulty compressor. Let Kenmore to cover labor cost or reimburse we already paid.

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pomdter, to repair any sealed refrigeration system like refrigerators requires advanced knowledge of refrigeration fundamentals, tools and brazing skills. One must be thoroughly familiar with diagnosing damaged refrigerators, separating electronic issues from the sealed refrigeration system. Compressor failure automatically means a tubing cutter to slice into two copper lines, possibly a third line too. The two main lines are to the compressor, the third line is to the filter/drier capsule. New parts are plumbed in and brazing skills needed to heat copper until red, flowing a brazing rod into the joints; high temperature soldering requiring MAPP gas in yellow canisters similar to propane torches. MAPP gas has mixtures to increase output heat for brazing. For a professional repair, one factory appendage on a compressor is coupled with a tap. This tap allows connecting an electric vacuum pump to evacuate this repaired system of air and any moisture. Refrigeration gauges are connected between pump and tapped line. Once all air and moisture is removed, final test reveals whether or not the brazing sealed this repaired system or not. If a vacuum leak occurs to allow air back into this system, the repair wasn't correct. Zero leak back means refrigerant can be installed per capacity specifications on the manufacturer's label. Done correctly, a repair is as good as new from the factory. The appendage is squeezed between the tap and compressor then carefully cut with the end brazed shut to create a permanent seal. The tap is removed. I cannot comment on (outrageous labor charges?) labor rates for repairs. A rough estimate is around 2 hours for compressor replacement. The labor rate given seems very high but I don't know how labor charges are assessed. Refrigeration repairs however, are nowhere near rocket science.

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Go to Classaction.org for class action lawsuit by Kenmore owners with LG compressor, filed 3.2.2023.

I’m in the process of paying Sears technician to confirm the independent service technician’s assessment that Kenmore elite refrigerator failed due to compressor failure.

Cost of independent technician-$117

Cost of Sears technician -$109

Sears technician quoted $800 repair fee over the phone- we are going to see him tonight, and if he’ll do repairs for $600, we’ll probably go for it, after which we’ll plan to get damages back through the class action lawsuit that I referenced above.

David Cook

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Thanks for the information. Our repaired compressor is still working (fingers crossed). I look forward to the class action settlement to recoup repair costs (toes crossed).

There is a reference to that Kenmore class-action lawsuit on this blog post: https://www.classaction.org/blog/kenmore...

Here are the affected model numbers (refrigerators):



























79983; and


Mine is 74025 and I have a failed compressor.

I have the 75402 kenmore elite, same story as everyone else, how do we get our numbers added to this class action suit ?

i have a 7957 which is not on the list. Compressor went out 2 days ago, purchased in 2015. Never received a claim.

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The same, almost exactly, was what we went through. On our first call Sears was not at all helpful about us wanting it fixed. The original wait time was to be 3 weeks before we were to see a tech who would determine the problem, then need to order parts. We could not wait, so as I was looking for another solution I ran across word of this class action suit. We decided to have our fixed after all and join the action. Oddly, when I called Sears again and told them of our decision all the sudden a tech was now able to come out in just a few days and they would have the new compressor on board their truck. It cost us $750.00+/- total and the fridge works fine. I will be looking to recoup my costs via the class action. Steve Holm

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I went through this 2 Years ago. Compressor replaced and $500ish in labor.

Now it seems it is happening again. Yes, diagnostic fee can be applied to cost. I am most concerned that they will replace it again woth same faulty compressor system.

I Cannot afford to keep doing this.

I lost over $300 in food last time, and could not get any of it refunded either.

I also tried the last time to get a partial refund on the fridge that was less than 4 years old and cut losses. No dice.

Technician is on the way today. I am trying to figure out how to push back when they say new compressor and all the same charges.

Seems to me that possibly there are other things that got ruined by the 1st compressor going out and perhaps it should also have been replaced at that time, since there is a similar fail going on now.

I also have gone on class action site and asked questions.

Hopefully there will be some retroactive payments out after it all goes through.

That does not help me now.

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from what i understand is even if you get compressor repaired it does not fix problem. From what i understand the cooling condenser in freezer is defective and makes coolant crystalize then plug up system and take out pump. From what i gather it because of it being made from aluminum. Atleast thats from what i have read about it because there was a previous class action suit already on this but is now closed. So this has been happening atleast since 2015. I bought mine in 2019 and quit cooling 8/15/2023 So yes i got same answers as rest of you did. But as of yet not spent much because my brother works in the industry repairing furnaces and refrigerators.

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I’ve had the compressor replaced twice but now my freezer only freezes the items in the top two bins (trays) and not the bottom bins where the bulk of groceries are stored Could that be a condenser problem?

Reviewing comments, yours stood out and most likely incorrect. Strictly discussing r134a refrigerant, if you are discussing refrigerators using r134a with aluminum evaporator coils, not condenser coil, your theory is wrong. Every vehicle using r134a refrigerant uses aluminum condenser coils (in front of the radiator) and evaporator coils (inside the hvac box containing the heater coils and ac evaporator coils (for cooling). Aluminum fittings used throughout vehicle ac systems. None failing due to aluminum and refrigerant reacting to damage vehicle ac systems. If r134a is used in refrigerators, aluminum will not negatively react with it.

Freezers have evaporator coils. Compressors compress refrigerant, creating hot, high pressure refrigerant gas fed into the condenser coils to cool it down as it becomes a liquid.

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