My eMachine Computer won’t turn on

I have the same problem. My Emachine Computer won’t turn on. So I disconnected the power cord from the power supply and the hard drive disconnected also. I held the power button for 60 seconds ….. I reconnected the power cord to the power supply …. the fan on the power supply works. When I reconnect the cord to the hard drive, the fan on the power supply stops running. Is this normal? When I push the power button, nothing happens. I then replaced the motherboard battery, repeated the above procedure …. when I reconnected the power cord, the fan on the power supply runs and I get a beeping sound. again, I plug the cable in the hard drive … the fan stops. I push the power button ON, and nothing happens. What next?

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Hi @michaelmik ,

What is the model number of the computer?

How many beeps are there when you try to turn on the computer?

Can you get into BIOS with the HDD disconnected from the motherboard?

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