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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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three beeps and red flashing light

Hey everyone,

My playstation turns on for about 2 seconds, then beeps 3 times and I get a red flashing light.

Does anyone have any ides on how to fix this.


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Hiya my playstation is doing the same only problem is console hasn't been used for a while so mine isn't because of over heated so if anyone has any other ideas of what I could do to fix the console then feel free to let me know as soon as possible please.. Thanks

I have been trying to play uncharted 2 for last week now,it started off ok but then all of a sudden it started turning off after starting the game up (time varies sometimes a couple of minutes into gameplay other times about 10 minutes) but whenever I play uncharted 1 or borderlands 1 or 2 it's fine doesn't turn off

For ages now my ps3 has done the updates in the morning but always beeps 3 times and turns off leaving the red light flashing

Make sure the PS3 is connected , but the main switch is off at the back, then keep your finger on the eject button then hit the on switch at the back. Should boot up again.

yes! Now it's worth the dismantle/ clean


This is called the ylod and one guy made a huge ass write up about it


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The red flashing light and the console down due to excessive heat. I believe what you are starting to see is the classic symptom of a very near YLOD. I would either try and repair it myself, using the guides from here Yellow Light of Death Repair and this part or get someone to do it for you. Good Luck

PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit 이미지


PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) Fix Kit


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Did this work for you?

I performed this procedure because I had a "3 beeps, red light flashing" symptom that online research said means overheating. The unit ran without issue for 30 mins and then the same symptom returned. I have found others who experienced the same. So far, I haven't found anyone who actually resolved the issue for more than a few days. As an engineer, I know that attempting to reflow a BGA of this size using a heat gun is virtually impossible.

kenpery flip chip design and solder ball failure is the most common issue. You are right, any "heat treatment" is only a temporary fix at best.

Ok, you two. So I was young(ish) and got so frustrated and upset by the fact that the Sony rep told me it would be $300? To "repair" my PS3, which turns out I would've gotten a refurb. So a buddy and I tore it apart. Reflowed the CPU/gpu, applied thermal paste, and without the use of the blue ray driver, that lasted for 6 months? Then six months later? I did it the third time, then three months, three months, two months, two months, one month, continually having to reflow, then finally dead. Now, I could remove the processors, reball them, reapply, problem should be fixed. It seems the real culprit was the blu Ray driver

@theimedic possible that it was. Read about the reflow of the Xbox360 and PS3 Will the RROD kit fix this xbox? and see why it never really worked for long :-)

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@kenpery Actually your assessment is not entirely correct.

I performed this procedure for a friend on a PS3 that had this exact same problem. When I was done, their PS3 lasted them for more than a year, so definitely more than just a few days. It can work, just may not work in all cases, or models.

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You are getting the red blinking lights on the PS3 because it is over heating. You might still be able to prevent more damage from occurring if you take apart the PS3 and clean out the fan. Usually dust clumps get stuck in there. If you keep using the PS3 like this, you will damage the board permanently!

Here is a useful guide

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This depends. If it begins with the 3 beeps after using an heat gun and allowing it to cool down. Then it's nothing yo do with overheating but something could been damaged and/or 1 or more of the chips has been unseated. Even another component could of also become unseated.

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Okay so I have this issue with a jailbroken PS3 fat model CECHK01 running EvilNat 4.89. This is NOT just a overheating issue (and likely isn't a overheating issue at all). So I have been repairing these systems for over a year now and I have learned a lot in the process. I have performed multiple successful delidding procedures (over 100 at this point by crafting my own tools), reflowing, reballing, testing capacitors, replacing NEC Tokins, case modding etc. The system can be off for days at a time, you press the power button, system starts to boot for about 1 second then cuts off, three beeps, then flashes red light. Interesting aspect is that for me if I hit the power button again to stop the red flashing light and immediately hit the power button again, the system boots up just fine and continues running for however long I want it to run. Temperatures are well under control with this system. CPU and GPU temperatures hold together in close proximity of 55 degrees Celsius and 56 degrees Celsius respectively with 33% fan utilization running the Last of Us for over 45 minutes in the downtown scene (one of the heaviest load scenes by any game on the PS3). I have even gone as far as replacing the entire motherboard and blu-ray drive, logic board, ribbon cables, and wifi board (so basically a whole new system). The only thing that has remained consistent is the power supply unit. As you can tell I am performing a process of component elimination to narrow down the exact problem. I am moving on to the PSU next. I saw an interesting video of an engineer disassembling the power supply unit and using a flat head screw driver to adjust the capacitors/transistors (I believe I can't remember the exact nomenclature) by tuning them and changing their direction by about 1/4 of a turn or 90 degrees and that seemed to resolve the entire issue. I truly do not believe this is an overheating issue and everyone seems to want to jump to that conclusion for some reason and then they recommend potentially damaging procedures such as delidding, attempted reflowing, reballing, NEC Tokin replacement, etc. Now I will say this, from my experience if you have been playing the system for 15-20 minutes or longer and the system shuts down and flashes the red light, then yes, most likely that is a overheating issue and you need to verify your CPU/GPU temperatures. However, if the system has been off for over an hour and you try turning it on and it immediately does the triple beep and flashing red light I believe it has something to do with the startup process and possibly a failure of the PSU to deliver adequate power initially to start the CPU, hard drive and blu-ray drive all in one go. If anyone else has any other ideas or fixes I would be overjoyed to learn about them and receive the professional feedback/criticism in order to enhance my own learning. Hopefully this will give you an idea of where to head next and save you and others some time, money, and frustration.

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This was a very interesting read. My CECH-C03 has YLOD and I cannot figure out why but definetly for me, not an overheating issue. I've always kept the console immaculate and done thermal pasting regularly. I'm looking for a fix and I agree, it is more likely to be a PSU fault due to age, more than anything. I'm tempted to take it to a professional for a fix rather than some of these DIY ones, its a valuable console and I have the box, so don't want to feck it.

@billyd947 Agreed! That sounds like an excellent idea! If you do that could you please come back and post what he did to correct the issue? I would be very grateful as this component issue has been bugging me for a few months now! Thank you for your input as well!

I’m sending it to the Cod3r who’s on YouTube etc…if anyone can find the fault, it will be him.

@billyd947 Excellent. I have watched several of his instructional videos and he is well versed in these systems. I will definitely be interested to hear the verdict when you receive it.

@billyd947 So just wanted to let you know I finally got a new PSU and tested it against two different CECHK01's with both of them giving the triple beep and red flashing light (actually one was giving the triple beep and red flashing light, the other was giving the YLOD). Guess what? I was right. I put the newly purchased PSU into one system and then the other, ran a startup test and no issues. They both booted without problems. Just so you know the PSU can cause the triple beep flashing red light and a YLOD. Please read below for how I know this and some of the other problems I encountered when attempting to fix the unit. The character limit for this chat is why I am posting more below.

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I bought a used PS3 that arrived DOA with this problem. I did a lot of research on how to fix it, but my technical skills aren't that great so there wasn't anything I wanted to try. Then I swear to god I ran across a fix that so far has worked for me and you don't even have to disassemble the machine. Put the

PS3 in its box (or another) with the rear vents facing out. You can also just wrap it in a towel. I wound up doing both as all I had was a larger box. Use a hair dryer running it back and forth across the length of the vents for 5 minutes. Let it rest for a minute, do another 5 minutes, let it rest a minute, then do a final 5 minutes and set the unit someplace relatively cool and let it cool down for about an hour.

I plugged it in and it worked. There are several videos on YouTube that use this method. That's where I originally saw this fix.

Will it last? Don't know, but so far I have had no problems.

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You should be really careful, if you decide to use this method. More than once, I've seen people completely fry their PS3 this way, making it 100% unrecoverable.

Dear lord. It worked

I took the drive out

4 5 min on all vent entries, just swapping between them.

Let it cool

Will probably die soon, but it was going in the trash

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I recently (about two minutes ago) found out that Lego Marvel's Avengers heats up my ps3 and makes it shut off, but Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition can keep my ps3 running for over 2 hours idling! Guess what game I’m never playing again.

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Ive changed thermal paste tried different hard drives and resetting techniques also heated up the thermal pads and cooled before adding the paste, the friggin thing you plug it in switch the power on and without even pressing the power button it beeps 3 times and flashes red eject doesnt work while this is happening all i can think of is maybe a faulty disc drive but does anyone else have an idea?

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Coba ganti pasta pada cangkang rsx dan cellbe lalu tambahkan 4buah kapasitor tantalum 470/6V disebelah nec tokin, ini bekerja pada konsol saya dan saya juga mengalami hal yang sama (YLOD) pada ps3 fat saya (cechh07). tapi saya tidak yakin bisa bertahan sampai berapa lama, dan yang jelas konsol saya sekarang bisa digunakan lagi walaupun terkadang akan ylod lagi saat pertama kali dihidupkan, dan setelah berhasil nyala akan normal dan bisa dimainkan bahkan suhu cpu dan rsx menunjukkan panas hingga kisaran 75°C itu tidak akan mematikan konsol saya.

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