The Game Boy, released July 31,1989, is characterized by a large grey casing and model number DMG-01.

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Can I repair problem with power?

Will not turn on with fresh batteries - connections are tight and clean. Power is erratic when adapter is plugged in - the power light comes on and the game plays until just a little jiggle interrupts play then screen goes dark and power light goes out. If I unscrew the back what should I look for?

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katy, check for loose or corroded contacts on your logic board power connector. Try a good cleaning by following this guide Electronics Water Damage. let us know what you find once you open it up, take lots of pictures....:-)

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Take a look at these guides. They will assist you in getting into the device.

2 of the battery terminals are soldered directly to the main board so check they are OK and not cracked/loose. Also check the socket where the power adapter plugs in (if it is an option) on the main board - again check the solder joints aren't cracked/loose


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