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How to repair a bent corner of the aluminum lid?

Long story short, I accidentally dropped my MacBook Pro. It hit the ground and bent the corner of the aluminum of the lid. My computer works fine and the screen is fine, so this is merely a cosmetic question. How can I bend it back? Since it is aluminum I am guessing that I should be able to bend this back and solve my issue. For a $2000 computer designed with aesthetics as part of the appeal, I would like to fix this without getting ripped off $600 by apple.

I am sure this happens everyday, so this is not a knew question, but I am still curious if there is a DIY fix.

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I just dropped my new computer any ideas?

I dropped my laptop and i’m really confused on what to do right now :/

I have the same problem.... The easiest technique but a corner bend kit.... Should be available all over the world...

i have got a piece of metal that has been dented in and the bottom of my laptop, how would you suggest I fix it without destroying my laptop

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You'll have to dismantle

it extensively... but you can use popsicle sticks and/or a small ball-peen hammer (for shaping the curve), soft mallets & pine blocks to work the metal. You may have to use c-clamps to hold it steady, and to hold down make a backing block of pine or other soft wood.

Be careful not to overwork or stretch the aluminum, you can make wrinkles or cause brittle tears if you do.

Good Luck,


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thankyou you are a big help

I have the same problem , did you use that popsicle thing to fix? If you did, can you send me the link where I can purchase these popsicle sticks and/or a small ball-peen hammer (for shaping the curve), soft mallets & pine blocks?

If you didn’t use that, can you tell me how did you fix it?


I have this problem on my Windows Pavilion. I do not want to take apart my computer if that is what you mean by dismantle. I am not concerned with astethic, and I just want to make sure nothing could get in and break it.

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Buy a used panel in good condition on ebay. It's precision casting aluminum I don't think you can repair it particularly if aesthetic is important for you.

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12 years later...

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Used a guitar capo with soft rubber ends to bend it back

I did this on my new 13” MacBook Pro and made the mistake of bending the corner back with a pair of needle nose pliers which scratched the aluminum before I could get it back into shape.

Then I dropped it AGAIN on the other corner and bent both sides back without dismantling with a Kyser KG12B guitar capo (runs maybe $12) which is designed to not scratch guitars. It's not perfect like it was but I'm over it and now closes without scraping the bottom case. I also purchased a black speck snap-on case and it looks great.

Disclaimer: If you go this route be very gentle when shaping the top case as not to put any stress on your screen or you'll turn a little problem into a big problem.

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Hey, I just did this with my 13" Macbook Pro and it worked like a charm, though it's still not perfect. I simply used a needle nose pliers on top of some plastic packaging from a pair of headphones, but you could use the pliable plastic that comes in the packaging of anything. Simply place the plastic underneath the pliers and slowly and carefully bend the casing of the Macbook. If you go through the plastic at all, move the pliers to a different spot on the plastic. Good luck!

I too had this same problem with the corner of my 2012 13" macbook air. I bought needle nose pliers and tried to bend it back to no avail. However, after researching through the forums I realized that my credit card (Chase Saphire) would pay up to $500 to repair it since I had bought the item within the 90 day period (to replace the screen will cost $400). I believe Visa Signature also does the same thing. I am definitely going to buy a hard case for it once I get it back in a couple of days.

Be sure to check if your card has the same opportunities!

I was able to repair a dented case near the Ethernet connector, it seems to be a weak point on MacBook Pro's. I used a piece of wood and body hammer's (as stated rubber end caps on the hammer would have been better), a sand bag helps to soften the blow.

If you Google how to do metal work you can find other tools & techniques.

DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! I TRIED AND IT CRACKED MY FCKING SCREEN, screw whoever wrote this.

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When I read that a popsicle stick was used, I realized that I could use a cuticle stick that looks like a dow stick that was 5/8 inch in diameter and has an angled edge, as though sawed off at anangle and then sanded to perfection. These are easy to find, probably on Amazon.

I realized they used WOOD which is SOFT. The stick was very hard but all wood is soft, compared with the tank that a macbook pro is. These are tough and I watched 2 different people abuse the heck out of them, before I got one.

I dropped mine, immediately, on a tile floor. Oops. I just got the dent out of the top portion and am beginning to work on the tiny area that is on the side, between the top and bottom. This has a line, where it was originally closed by the maker.

I was a metal sculturist and intend to find the right object, if the cuticle stick does not work. They are sometimes called, "orange sticks" for some reason.

BTW - It took LOTS of pressure, BOTH hands. This is not aluminum foil folks!


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I have the same problem with the corner of my 13" MacBook Pro. Dropped it twice like an idiot. After a few days I finally noticed and I'm worried now, any easy cheap ways to fix?

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Kaya - did you read any of the cheap DIY solutions above? The "easy" way is expensive - replace the case. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Get it fixed and stop complaining about cash! Why worry when it's going to be fixed correctly! If you dropped it, no AppleCare, you cannot cry now too late!

Get it fixed or buy another one simple as that!

It sucks but they are going to charge more at Apple and a little not less at a repair shop for macs! Mac's are very strong computers a dent is not as bad as a non working one and have to get it repaired, after being dropped!

Man up!

That was incredibly un-helpful. Thanks!

with whatever due respect (cuck)-- "manning up", in the old days, would've meant fixing it-- not burning cash and throwing something in a landfill.

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I am scared the I will ruin it even more

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It works well. old engineering got my baby with 22 diseases back to being able to latch properly while yes the screen is still bent and the plastic no longer lines up still but hey I bought this “beauty” used for $5 au so anything is an improvement

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I have that problem with a Housing of an iMac late 2013 it is a little bent I don't know if it can be repaired

I don't know if when I put the screen it's right at all


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