Second generation (E30) BMW 3 Series and the final 3 Series to sport the boxy '80s styling similar to the E32 7 Series and E34 5 Series.

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Broken odometer BMW 3-Series 1995

Odometer and trip meter quit working

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Possibly worn out gears in your instrument cluster. Also check the fuses under the hood and clean the contacts in the fuse box. This will tell you a bit more.


Looks like 040304 is absolutely right. I do apologize for the confusion. I guess I need to check the model year a bit better. Anyhow, you could try by replacing the odometer coding plug. It appears that the BMW's do have a tendency of freezing up. European BMW's around 300,000KM. Check this site for more information. If you are very electronically incline and want to read more about repairing the instrument cluster, read on here. Of course, you could just replace it like 040304 suggested. Hope this clears it up, good luck.

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The e36 series BMW has a digital odometer and it could fail for a number of reasons. However, a simple solution may be to replace the entire instrument cluster.

Here are several available on ebay.

Good luck,


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The E36 has a backlit digital odometer and there are several options for repair. If completely blank or hard to read, simply replace the backlight bulbs but if the digits are only partially visible you can find another repair option here

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