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Can a crack in an iPT be REPAIRED not replaced?

Am wondering if anyone has REPAIRED a crack in an iPT glass? There are repair products for windshields etc. and am wondering if the collective wisdom here could speculate or answer this. I know windshields are two layers of glass, w plastic between. just askin'! Maybe a possibility??


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I have had my windshield on my truck repaired in the past and I was not happy with the repair. If it was in a corner I might have been able to live with it, however it was in my line of sight and it looked like a translucent patch of glue. Kind of opaque. So it was a spot in my face.

Given that you are looking to repair glass on an IPT, of which every square cm of screen real estate is in line of sight view, I would not recommend it.

However, that should not stop you from trying and if it works that's great. Here is a good instructional on windshield repair that claims the crack will completely disappear if it's done right.

If not, you know you can always replace that screen.



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