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4세대 iPhone. 수리는 간단하지만 앞면 유리와 LCD를 하나의 유닛으로 교체해야 합니다. GSM / 8, 16 또는 32GB 용량 / Model A1332 / 검정 또는 흰색.

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Bottom port of iPhone got wet...HELP!?

Iphone 4 was dropped in water (just up to home button level for a second). It has been in silica for a week. Followed all instructions for reformatting. phone asks for language and country then reverts to connect to itunes with icon and usb pic. Seems to be functioning, just confused.



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Any error messages? Have you tried DFU mode?

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maria1519, the silica is a great way of removing some of the water immediately, but it will not fix your phone. I would try to clean it now, it will be easier before you have corrosion damage and failure of the device. Use this guide as to how and what to clean. It was written for a 3G but it all applies to your phone as well. Replace the battery and re-evaluate. It is possible that you shortened out your dock connector and may have to replace it.

I would also suggest you try DFU and/or a Recovery for your phone to see what happens.

Recovery Mode:

1. connect your iPhone to the USB cable

2. hold Sleep/Power and Home button until the iPhone reboots

3. when the screen turns black release Sleep/Power but keep holding the Home button

4. when you see the iTunes Logo on the iPhone Screen you can release Home

5. open iTunes and use the Restore option for the iPhone

DFU Mode:

1. connect the iPhone to the USB Cable and open iTunes

2. turn off the iPhone

3. press and hold Sleep/Power and Home button for 10 seconds

4. release the Sleep/Power button but keep Home pressed

5. iTunes should recognize an iPhone in recovery mode

the iPhones screen should be black this time

Hope this helps, good luck.

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