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I Spilled Water On Screen HELP!


My iPod Touch 2nd Generation kinda has a history with water damage. About 1 month ago i left my iPod Touch in my bag with a opened bottle of coconut juice. I put i in rice for about 3 days and it was working fine. Now about 4 days ago i poured a small amount of water on the screen not thinking what would happen so that i can clean it. The brightness was on maximum. Now the buttons work fine but the brightness on the screen is so dark that it is almost impossible to see. When ever i touch the screen to do my android lock or i general do anything its like im not touching the screen at all. It doesnt work. Im 14 so it is kinda hard for me to order parts or anything. Please help i would like to use it for my birthday on the 20th.

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Karim Sinclair, you are definitely running into problems here. First off, the rice is a great first aid, but it does not repair any damage. Anytime you have water/liquid immersion of an electronic device, it is best to turn it off, remove the battery and to clean it. Now, the iPod is a bit of a beast to work on. I do hope you are really handy, or know someone that can help you with this. Also, please clear this with your parents. I'd hate for you to open up your iPod and getting into trouble at home. Use the guide from here to remove your logic board. Clean it according to this guide. It was written for a iPhone 3G but all the steps pertain to your iPod as well. Once you follow these steps, I usually advocate the exchange of the battery, but I do realize you are not in a position to get one. Re-assemble your iPod and see what damage you really have. The dark screen is caused by having no backlight. Now to keep it simple, the LCD is sort of like the light bulb and a coil on the logic board is the light switch. In a case like yours, it is hard to determine what needs to be replaced. Light or switch. I personally start with the LCD light) since it is easier and does not require boar level soldering. If that does not work, you will have to look at replacing the coil (switch). I do hope this makes sense to you. Good Luck.

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Logic Board 이미지


iPod Touch 2nd Generation Logic Board Replacement



iPhone 이미지


Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage



1 - 2 hours

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Well i did what you said. I achieved steps 9-11 and im currently on step 12 looking at that gray panel. It seems to have some water stains on it. Is my ipod finished i mean i cant order any tools or anything? Do i blow dry it idk...

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Not really, I am not saying that the metal part is a non-essential item, but it is not a good indicator of what to expect. Once you have your iPod apart (do take your time and be careful with each step) all you have to do is start cleaning it. Clean it like the iPhone guide shows you with a high grade of isopropyl alcohol. After that you an just let them air dry, it will all evaporate. It is okay for you to contact me for any tools you think you might need, for as long as you have your parents consent.

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Alright so where do i get this isopropyl alcohol? And is there anything similar to that such as hydrogen peroxide.

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No sir, you should get it in most good hardware stores, as well as electronic supply stores, and,best place, is your local pharmacy.

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