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Background and Identification

The model number can be found on a tag on the bottom of your laptop, and it should be a 4810TZ. It comes with an Intel processor and 4GB of standard memory. The hard drive capacity is 500GB and it has a 14'' 1366x768 screen.

The Acer was release on January 29, 2008. Some major features that come with this laptop include:

  • Laminar Wall Jets that spread out the heat of the laptop
  • 8 hours average of battery time
  • Acer's Backup Manager technology to save contents from your hard drive from being lost
  • Acer's SignalUp wireless hardware for faster internet connections
  • 16:9 LED HD screen for maximum viewing pleasure

Additional Information

The following links provide additional information regarding the ACER Aspire 4810TZ-4120.

You can find an excellent review of this device on the PC Magazine website.

You can also find the spec sheet on the Acer website .

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