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Follow our troubleshooting page to solve several hardware problems.

Use our troubleshooting page to solve several common problems.

Ematic Funtab FTABXXX Troubleshooting

Background Information

The Ematic FunTab Tablet is a child-safe tablet. The tablet comes with different educational games already downloaded on it. The user interface allows parents to only allow certain applications to be opened. This allows the parent to regulate what games the child can play. It also allows the parent to use other android apps as well.

The Funtab comes with a 7" 800x400 touch screen and a 1.2Ghz processor. It also comes with a 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage with the option to add a MicroSD card for additional storage. It has a built in gyroscope for motion sensing games.

Common failures for the device would be:

-Loose volume/power buttons

-Dead battery

-Unresponsive Display

Additional Information

Ematic's Official Website

Ematic's Homepage

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Youtube Ematic Funtab Disassemble video

Youtube Disassemble Video

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