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Background and Identification

The Barnes & Noble Nook Color is a tablet/e-reader released in late 2010. It was the first of the Nook e-reader line to have full color. It has a 7-inch multi-touch screen surrounded by a grey plastic frame. The back is rubberized for grip. There are two buttons: a power button on the left side and an n-shaped home button on the front toward the bottom. The tablet also has a volume rocker on the right side and a MicroSD card slot behind a tab on the back of the device, in the bottom right corner. The Nook Color runs a modified version of the Android operating system. Besides reading and purchasing e-books, the user can also use Barnes & Noble's application store and browse the internet on Wi-Fi.


If you are having problems with your Nook Color, diagnose it on the Nook Color troubleshooting page.

Additional Information

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