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For additional information about the product and various common troubleshooting issues, please refer to, troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Philips DVP5992-F7 is a DVD player manufactured and released in 2008. This DVD player offers HDMI digital output, as well as a USB port for alternative music and movie playing options. The Philips DVP5992-F7 offers high definition video quality, and displays at 720p /1080i /1080p respectively. The player also includes and supports the use of AV cables.

Unlike other DVD players, this device displays its USB port along the front of the device for easy access. Another key identification feature is the digital display that will appear along the front of the device once the DVD player is powered on. The common problem customers have had with the device, was that some were unable to power it on. On the back side of the device is where you can locate the model number.

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