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To find common problems, see the Sunbeam Snow Cone Maker Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

How to Identify the Device (where to tell it apart from similar models):

The Sunbeam Snow Cone Maker FRSBISBZ-Red is nearly identical to similar products. One key identifier is that many of the newer, similar models have wheels and only a 50 watt motor. This one has no wheels, but does have a more powerful 80 watt motor.

Major Features:

  • Includes 80 watt motor
  • Includes simple push operation
  • Comes with ability to make fluffy shavings of ice from normal ice cubes

Known Failure Modes:

  • Motor overheating and blade defects

Additional Information

Information for the Sunbeam Snow Cone Maker is rare online, but some information guides do exist. The most relevant guide is by a subsidiary company of Sunbeam called “Rival.”

Information guide:

Manual for Snow Cone Maker

Sunbeam website: Sunbeam Website


Amazon: Sunbeam Snow Cone Maker

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