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Background and Identification ¶ 

The Cintiq 24HD (DTK-2400K) was released in September 2011 by Wacom. Major features of the Cintiq 24HD are a 24.1” screen, 1920x1200 HD resolution, counter-weighted adjustable stand, programmable ExpressKeys, and Touch Strips.

Wacom has also released the Cintiq 24HD Touch, a model that adds touch screen functionality, and the Cintiq Pro 24HD, an updated model released in 2017. The Cintiq Pro 24HD does not have the ExpressKeys and Touch Strips on the right and left sides of the screen and features a different stand design.

Troubleshooting ¶ 

Go to this page to access the Wacom Cintiq 24HD troubleshooting page.

Additional Information ¶ 

Wacom Device Page

Wacom User Manual

Backlight Replacement Guide

Reviews and Specifications

Amazon Reviews

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