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Cal Poly, Team 12-33, Maness Spring 2011

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팀 태그: CPSU-MANESS-S11S12G33

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Olympus C-765 LCD Screen Replacement

Replacing the main LCD screen on the back of the camera.

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Olympus C-765 Mother Board Replacement

Return functionality to the camera by replacing the mother board.

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Olympus C-765 Status LED Replacement

In the event that the LED stops working or a change of color is needed.

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Olympus C-765 Lens Replacement

Changing the lens may offer a wide variety of shooting options by changing...

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Olympus C-765 Image Sensor Replacement

Replacing the sensor is like open heart surgery, but for a camera.

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Olympus C-765 Flash Assembly Replacement

Replacing the flash in the event where is no longer functions correctly or...