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Altec Lansing inMotion iM9 Troubleshooting

No blue LED light turns on when the power button is pressed.

The first step to turn on the device is to press the power button at the top of the speakers. If you press the power button and the blue LED does not light up, try replacing the batteries. The speaker does not use rechargeable batteries, so replace the 4 C batteries using this battery replacement guide.

The speaker will also run on DC power if there are no batteries inside. If the speakers will not turn on and if there are no batteries, look for the DC power cable. Plug the cable into the DC port on the back of the speakers. Make sure it is firmly attached. Plug the other end into an outlet, and if that still doesn't work then try another outlet.

If you made sure the cable is firmly attached to the speaker and an outlet, the cable itself might be damaged. Try replacing the cable to see if it was broken.

Nothing happens when the buttons are pressed.

If no sound is coming out and the plus (+) and minus (-) volume buttons don't adjust the sound, make sure the device is on, indicated by a lit blue LED. Press the power button at the top of the speakers. The blue LED should light and music should start playing after you press play on your iPod.

If you press the power button and the blue LED does not light up, the power button is broken. If music is playing, but the plus button (+) and minus (-) button don't adjust the music volume, they may be broken as well. The speaker uses a simple click switch, like the iPhone home button. It's possible that the component is broken and needs to be replaced. You can replace the buttons using this replacement guide.

Music should be played, but currently is not.

If music isn't playing and you're speakers are powered on, the volume might be too low. To turn up the volume, press the plus(+) button on the top of the speakers. If music still isn't playing, the music might be paused. Check and see if your music is paused on your iPod.

The 30pin iPod dock is not very reliable. After checking the volume and power, check if the iPod is firmly attached to the iPhone dock. Unplug and plug the iPod in again if necessary.

The sound quality is not as clear as it should be.

Sometimes the music will start popping or distorting. Popping and distortion are more likely to happen when the volume is too high. Try turning down the volume by pressing and holding down the (-) button to turn the volume to a lower level.

If the speaker has played music too loud for too long, it may not produce clear sound anymore. If turning the volume down by pressing the (-) button does not work, the woofers and/or the tweeter will need to be replaced. Take a look at the speaker replacement guides for the tweeter and woofer.

The speaker can charge an iPod's battery while playing music.

If the iPod shows no indication of charging, it may not be fully connected. The iPod needs to be connected to receive charge from the inMotion speaker. Connect the 30 pin port on the bottom of your iPod to the iPod dock on the speaker.

The iPod will not receive power from the speaker if the speakers are off and you're using battery power. If the blue LED light is off, the speakers are off. Press the power button on the top of the speakers to turn them on. If the device won't turn on, look at the troubleshooting at the top of the page.If you're using DC power, then the iPod should charge even if the speaker is off. Check the iPod to see if it is properly connected to the speaker. If the iPod still does not charge, you might need to replace the iPod dock. Follow theiPod Dock Replacement Guide if this is the case.

The speakers only support iPods with 30 pin ports. These include iPod Shuffles, Nanos, Classics, and Touches. If your iPod or music player does not have the correct port, it will not connect or charge. Try testing a different iPod to see if it works.

If you have one of the proper iPods and it still won't charge, the dock might need to be replaced. Check out this replacement guide.

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My speaker is charged but not coming on

Drew keith - 답글

What does the flashing blue light mean if the unit won't turn on?

Brent Joseph Morrice - 답글

unit is charged but all im getting is a blue and red flashing light and wont connect to my phone anymore.

Todd Leblanc - 답글

just got it 2 weeks ago, was working fine, help

Todd Leblanc - 답글

My Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker turns off automatically after 2-3 hrs even though it's connected to a power source. What should I do for the speaker not to turn off? Please help.

Prashath - 답글

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