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Echo won't turn on ¶ 

The Amazon Echo won't power on and doesn't respond to commands.

Not plugged in properly ¶ 

Make sure the power cord is fully inserted into the bottom of the Echo and the cord fits into the groove at the back of the device. Also, be sure that the power adapter is correctly plugged into a working outlet.

Faulty power cord ¶ 

The power cord may have a short or a broken wire. Check the cord for any frayed or damaged areas. If any damage is found, replace the power cord.

Faulty power and speaker driver board ¶ 

The circuit board that manages power within the Echo may be broken. This requires a replacement of the board.

Faulty motherboard ¶ 

If the motherboard malfunctions, none of the speaker's functions may work, requiring a replacement of the motherboard.

Won't connect to Wi-Fi ¶ 

The Echo isn't connecting to your wireless network. This is indicated by the power LED above the power cord being solidly lit orange, and/or an oscillating violet light ring at the top.

The Echo is too far away ¶ 

Try moving the Echo closer to your Wi-Fi router. Also, moving the Echo away from walls and interference sources like microwaves and baby monitors may help.

Your Wi-Fi password is incorrect ¶ 

If your Wi-Fi network is password protected, make sure you enter the right password. Your Wi-Fi password is case-sensitive.

Broken Wi-Fi module ¶ 

The Wi-Fi module on your Echo's motherboard may be broken, so you may need to replace the motherboard.

Router issues ¶ 

The issue may lie with your Wi-Fi router. If this is the case, try the following:

Reboot your router ¶ 

Turn off your router for 30 seconds, then turn it back on. Be careful, as this will disconnect any devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi.

Reboot your router, letting the Echo reconnect first ¶ 

Turn off your router for 30 seconds and turn off Wi-Fi on all your connected devices. Then, turn the router back on and let the Echo connect to your Wi-Fi. Once the Echo is connected, reconnect all other devices to your Wi-Fi.

Won't connect to Bluetooth ¶ 

The Echo isn't paired with your Bluetooth device, so you are unable to stream music from your device to the Echo or control it with your phone.

Your device is too far away ¶ 

Make sure your device is within 30 feet of the Echo or they may not be able to communicate.

Bluetooth is not enabled on your device ¶ 

Make sure your device supports Bluetooth connections and that the Bluetooth setting for your device is on.

Your device is not paired with the Echo ¶ 

Check in your Bluetooth settings menu to see if your device is paired with the Echo. If it's not, say "Alexa, pair," and choose the Amazon Echo from the list in the Bluetooth menu on your device.

Broken Bluetooth module ¶ 

The Bluetooth module on your Echo's motherboard may be broken, so you may need to replace the motherboard.

No Sound ¶ 

The Echo is on and connected, but won't make a peep.

The Echo is muted ¶ 

The Echo may be muted without your knowledge. Try turning up the volume by rotating the volume ring at the top clockwise.

Blown out or broken speakers ¶ 

If you've been jamming out to your tunes a bit too loud, your speakers may have blown out, or may have been broken otherwise. You'll need to replace both speakers, the woofer and the tweeter.

Faulty power and speaker driver board ¶ 

The same circuit board that manages power within the Echo also manages the audio output. If this is broken, you'll need to replace the board.

Distorted sound ¶ 

Your Echo plays music and listens to your commands, but sounds too tinny, too bass heavy, or otherwise distorted.

Broken tweeter ¶ 

If your music sounds too bass heavy, your tweeter may need to be replaced.

Broken woofer ¶ 

If the Echo sounds too high pitched, your woofer may be broken and needs to be replaced.

Faulty power and speaker driver board ¶ 

If the sound is distorted in some other way, try replacing the power and speaker driver board, as it may be malfunctioning.

Light ring not working ¶ 

Your Echo works almost perfectly, but no matter what it's doing, the light ring at the top won't turn on.

Faulty LED/Microphone board ¶ 

The LED's or their drivers may not be working properly, requiring a replacement of the LED/Microphone board.

The Echo doesn't hear you ¶ 

No matter how much you yell at it and even if you press the action button to wake it, the Echo can't hear a thing you say.

The microphones are off ¶ 

The Echo has the ability to turn off its microphone array. If the microphones are off, the light ring at the top should be lit red. To turn them back on, simply press the microphone button at the top of the Echo.

Faulty LED/Microphone board ¶ 

The microphone array in the Echo may have malfunctioned, in which case the LED/Microphone board should be replaced.

댓글 59개

How do I disconnect a iPhone 6s from Echo? Every time I get a call or text message it sends the sound notification through the Echo speaker. I would like to turn this function off

Bob - 답글

Echo will not connect with Amazon My Music. In fact, my Echo will not do ANYTHING. Seriously considering returning it.

iamronny - 답글

My Echo keeps saying no music in your library, I have Spotify and music on it

pauline.johnson54 - 답글

You need to set Spotify as the default music app in your Alexa app

Oliver Bristow -

I bought my amazon echo a few days ago and you have to speak loudly at it to make it hear you, crap

Saltie Seal - 답글

Brand new unit.plugged in and feels warm but no light ?

francesca.cole - 답글

Just got BT home hub and it was working ok on my Sky internet,connects ok then after 30 mins red band comes on and cant switch the Mics on just have to reset unit and does it again ... Unplugged at the moment.. any Ideas ?

Geoff McGough - 답글

My echo is not working it keeps saying not connected, I've tried on many occasion to reconnect but it still not connecting.

Natalie Constant - 답글

My amazon echo dot's speaker suddenly stopped working. I can only hear anything if I plug in an external speaker. Anybody else have this problem?

leanmeantrampoline - 답글

My Dot Speaker stopped working suddenly also. Works fine when paired with bluetooth soundbar, but I don't want to keep that on all the time. Any fixes for this?

Tresa Scalise -

Did you ever fox this problem having save problem

jaybaby62 -

My echo stop playing music ..I even have a paid subscription

Dominique Scott - 답글

Echo will wake but will not respond to voice commands. It just suddenly stopped... how do I get it respond again?

Brenda Newkirk - 답글

My Echo appears to be working when I give a command and the lights indicate I am heard but I never get a response. I've turned the volume ring right and left and made sure the microphone was not red. It is connected to WiFi and can be seen by my devices. I'm not sure what the problem might be.

Lesia Cook - 답글

Did you ever figure out how to fix this? I am having the same problem!

Kate Tucker -

Same problem here! Did you find a fix? I have to unplug and restart almost daily

denisehurdlephotography -

Mine started acting up too……. one minute it’s fine, the next I say the wake word and the blue ring starts spinning…but I don’t get a response. The only way to get it back to working normally for me is to UNPLUG it………wait 15-30 seconds……plug it back in and let it do it’s thing which might take up to 30 seconds. You’ll see the Blue ring start to spin and spin…………then you’ll hear the chimes/musical sound and it will say ………….HELLO. It’s almost like it’s lost it’s internet connection and that’s why the ring spins to the wake word but won’t do anything else.

lwos -

anybody find a fix for this mine does this as well

John Graham -

I had the same problem with my second Echo (the first works fine!). I finally got them to replace it. The replacement does the same thing! Daily power cycling mostly fixes it, but cannot trust for alarms!

Ross Baker -

I’ve got the same thing happening! Looks like it’s working based on the ring lighting up, but no sound. Have to power cycle to bring it back and then it only lasts a day or two before doing it again. As another guy said, can’t depend on it for alarms. Would love to know what’s going on.

PinballGadgets -

I have same problem been talking to amazon for over a month no solutions from them anyone come up with a solution other than plug and unplug

Andy -

I have the same problem she can hear u but won't respond and this thing is bull $@$*

Tina Coston -

This Alexa shut is not responding

Tina Coston -

Same problem hete, i returned it the same day i bought it and got a new one….but same problrm!!! Im getting my hard earned money back!!!

Anjie -

Same problem here! I can confirm that Alexa is hearing me because I can see the command I gave on my Alexa app. But the echo has no volume until I unplug and plug back in. This happens every day :(

dspira -

When I plug it in, the light just keeps spinning and it won't take commands. Will not go through any of the setup steps

Kelly South - 답글

Any solution to this?

Josh Chukwuma -

My echo works ok, but powers off when you change volume, either from the app, the +/- buttons or asking echo to change volume. What can I do?

Simon peterson - 답글

my echo worked fine for a day. Now the music cuts in and out. What may be wrong?

richard Malenfant - 답글

I am using now latest Amazon Echo Plus. It is awesome device it is compatible with many smart home devices like bulbs, cameras, TVs, and door gates. Amazon Echo plus support and 1 year membership is also available by Amazon.

Mike Aldin - 답글

My echo dot has suddenly stopped playing music from my phone (Apple Music) or my Apple Watch. Was working fine until yesterday. The phone and watch are both connected. Music plays but I get zero sound. I have unmuted, volume is up to max. Can anyone help? Its really doing my head in.

Gary Love - 답글

if i say alexa go to channel 12 its goes… if i say a word like go to history channel it won’t

don matuszak - 답글

echo won’t change channels when i say history channel or hallmarkor espn. but if i give it a number chanel like 4,6 12 ,165 it works

don matuszak - 답글

echo won’t change channels when i say history, espn , hallmark ect; but if i say 12,4,165 167 it works. how do i fix it?

don matuszak - 답글

My Bose speaker will pair with my phone so it works. Added speaker to Alexa’s app. Her voice comes through the speaker and says “now that you are paired, just say connect my speaker”. When I say Alexa, connect my speaker”, she says she can’t find any speakers. My Bose is blinking it’s heart out 5 feet of clear space away. Help.

Kam Hitchcock - 답글

Same thing with mine however the connection is made just not recognized

Tracy Miller -

Cannot hear sound from echo dot when I speak to it. I tried to turn the volume up turning button clockwise but does not work. Plugged my earplugs into audio line and when I asked a question Alexa responded through the earplugs. I am trying not to use an audio cable. My echo dot is connected to my wifi.

Wendy Reid - 답글

When I connect my phone to Alexa and play music or to even watch the intro video, it doesn’t play any sound. But when I talk to her, she talks back loud and clear

Abbyy Schmidutz - 답글

My echo will not shut off!

The reset button does nothing. The blue light goes round and round. It has a green pulsating light, doesn't respond to anything.

darlene_may_howard - 답글

Amazon echo will not shut off. The light goes on consistently, never stops. No verbal response. The reset button does nothing.

darlene_may_howard - 답글

Most everything on my echo dot works fine but calling. Every time I place a call to a friend who also has an echo dot, the call drops at 5 minutes. Every time. I will call him back and then at the 5 minute mark, call is dropped. Why is this happening? What can I do to fix it? Before this started happening, the calls would cut out on one side or the other where I could her him but he could not hear me or the other way around. This is super frustrating as I love my echo but I expect things to work like they should and when they dont, I get frustrated.

Ken Lovejoy - 답글

I have the exact same problem. Every 5 min on the dot.

Ashley Rojas -

I have the problem with not hearing the first few words of each sentence that someone says when I use my echo to make a call. It’s extremely frustrating. Can anyone help identify the problem and how to solve it?


My echo will be working normally when all of a sudden I’ll hear a pop sound and it stops doing whatever is doing. I’ll give it a command and it will pick it up, but it will only turn on the ring light and then not respond. What should I do?

Victoria Lopez - 답글

God save you, either your Alexa app is corrupted or its problem with Wi-Fi, so make sure if your Wi-Fi working properly then the problem is with Alexa app, just do rest your device and set up again also I will recommend you to update android web view and close all proxy running on the same network.Here is a complete guide on how to fix Alexa if it is not responding.

Anaya Dic -

Did you find did a fix? Mine does the same thing. I sent it in for repairs and cane back with the same problem

Richard Stutz -

Mine does the same thing! Happens once a week. I have to unplug and plug back in. It’s very annoying. It seems to be processing what I am saying, the sound just won’t be working

Kendal Peirce -

My Echo will notify me me that I have notifications but will not read them. Anyone else have this problem?

S. Peterson

Sandy Peterson - 답글

When my echo plus is on radio player, I tell it to raise the volume and it then stops playing the radio? I can manually turn the volume up and the radio works but switches off when I try by voice?

Clive Davies - 답글

my Echo Plus was controlling my Phillips lights by voice but now says there is no smart home devices. When you go to the app on the phone it shows the lights and they can be controlled from there.

Rue Campbell - 답글

When asking echo to play music in a group I get no sound out of any of them. Worked fine till today.

Anthony Crispino Sr - 답글

When making some calls on Echo Look, the person I’m calling can hear me fine, but I have trouble hearing them and I hear tons of feedback/distortion after everything I say. Any ideas on how to fix?

patrick_riha - 답글

Light won't come on. She says connected, it's only a couple of months old & I use it maybe 1x a week.

Michelle McVay - 답글

I can request it to play Spotify I can see the bars moving in the app but I can't hear the music. Although the echo response to other request such as my flash briefing what's that sound that any other games what could be the cause of this

lataniawllms - 답글

You have to have a spotify subscription and request to open the account by has to be set up for alexa…was a real pain..hope this helps

Tracy Miller -

One of my dots has stopped working. When I plug it in the blue light spins but no sound, doesn’t list as online in the Alexa app. When I hold the action button I don’t get the orange ring anymore. Tried different outlets, it was literally working 10 min ago. I moved it to a new house, now these problems. I’ve tried multiple outlets , always the same problem. Plug in, blue ring spins, no connection sound, no response , no orange ring. Is there another way to totally reset?

Benjamin - 답글

Echo dot kids says no devices connected and won’t turn light off or on, but I can turn the light off and on in the Alexa app.

Chase O - 답글

Can’t hear Echo Dot but you can tell it is working . . . try this: “Alexa, disconnect from bluetooth headset”. Drove me crazy for a day before I figured out the %#*@ thing was talking through bluetooth.

I know, I am an idiot . . .

Mark Johnson - 답글

My Alexa cannot communicate with my Dish hopper/Sling. When asked Alexa to change the channel she replies, “Having problems communicating with Dish check network and power connections” All connections are in perfect working order! I have updated both Hopper and Alexa, rebooted modem and router still will not connect! NEED HELP!

Theresa Eike - 답글

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