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Chef's Choice M115 Troubleshooting

Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener 115 manufactured by Chef's Choice.

Sharpener Will Not Power On ¶ 

Damaged Power Cable ¶ 

Check to make sure unit is plugged in and cord shows no obvious signs of damage. If power cord is visibly damaged, follow this guide to replace it.

Faulty Power Switch ¶ 

Does switch feel crisp and snappy? If switch feels loose, check out this guide for replacing the switch.

Faulty Motor ¶ 

If all else fails, the motor may be bad. The entire rotating assembly will need to be replaced. Follow the guide for replacing the motor assembly.

Knives Do Not Sharpen ¶ 

Improper Use ¶ 

The manual for the device has specific use instructions. Failure to follow these instructions may yield poor results.

Broken Linkage Pins ¶ 

Carefully look at the discs from the front of the device with it powered on. Are the discs spinning? If not, the linkage between motor and discs may be loose. Consider replacing linkage pins.

Grinding Discs Worn ¶ 

With continuous or heavy use, the grinding discs may become dull. Refer to the guide for replacing grinding discs.

Device is Making Unusual Sounds ¶ 

Fan Broken or Separated ¶ 

Follow guide for case replacement to remove outer cover, and inspect if fan is connected securely to motor shaft and does not contact plastic case. If the fan is broken, the entire motor assembly will need to be replaced. Follow this guide for replacing the motor assembly.

Motor Is Damaged ¶ 

If the device is performing badly, gets very hot, or makes bad sounds, the motor assembly may need replacing. Follow this guide for replacing the motor assembly.

Unit Has Been Physically Damaged ¶ 

Disassemble the device in our guide, case component replacement, and visually inspect components that have been damaged inside.

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