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Camera will not turn on ¶ 

When you slide the power button, the camera does not turn on

Improper use of on/off switch ¶ 

Before attempting to disassemble your power switch, make sure that you are using the correct switch. It is labeled ON/OFF on top of the camera, underneath the burst mode and intelligent face detection buttons. Ensure that you are sliding the power switch all the way to the right

Drained batteries ¶ 

If correctly sliding the power switch on does not work, you may have drained batteries. Try replacing the batteries with new ones. Continue onto our battery replacement guide for further assistance.

Audio effects no longer work ¶ 

No sound on camera when replaying videos, turning on camera, and taking pictures

Volume is turned off ¶ 

There is a possibility that your sound has been muted in your camera’s settings. In order to fix this, simply go to your camera’s sound settings and make sure the volume level is on.

Damaged speakers ¶ 

If your sound still does not work after adjusting the volume in your camera settings, your speaker may be damaged and it might need to be replaced. Your speaker could be broken, or there might be a faulty wire connection.

Pictures on LCD screen are blurry ¶ 

Pictures appear blurry on screen

Motion Blur ¶ 

Remain still while taking pictures, and it is also a good idea to hold down the shutter button halfway until the screen focuses. Proceed to pushing the shutter button all the way down to take the picture. The problem may not be in the screen itself, the photo may not have been completely focused when taken.

LCD screen or lens are dirty ¶ 

Try wiping off any excess particles of dirt, dust or liquids on your screen and lens.

Lens is zoomed in ¶ 

The lens on the camera may be so far zoomed in when you attempt take a picture that it appears blurry and unclear on the LCD screen. Try zooming out and retaking the picture.

Camera malfunction ¶ 

Try turning the camera on and off again to reset the settings. If the screen still appears to be blurry when looking through your pictures, you may need to install a new LCD screen. Continue onto our LCD screen repair guide for further assistance.

Camera ran out of memory ¶ 

Camera is notifying you that there is not enough memory

Switching out the SD memory card ¶ 

When your camera is notifying you that there is no memory to store any pictures you can simply change out the memory card. Compatible memory cards you can buy include SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards. Simply take out the old memory card and insert the new one in the memory card slot located on the bottom of the camera where the batteries are stored. To open compartment, slide the little latch to the right and push up on the whole cover.

Sync pictures onto a computer ¶ 

Connect the USB cable that came with your camera into the right side of the camera and the opposite side of the cable into a USB port in your computer. The computer will then prompt you if you would like to save all of your pictures onto a file.

Delete unwanted pictures ¶ 

Deleting unwanted pictures will give you more storage in the memory card. In order to delete your pictures proceed to pressing the DISP/BACK button to view all pictures and then pressing the trashcan button on undesired pictures.

Flash is not working ¶ 

Pictures come out dark because of the lack of flash.

Ensure you are using the flash release button ¶ 

Make sure to press the small flash release button located on the left side of the camera before taking pictures in low lighting. If the flash is not raised, it will not go off.

Making sure flash is on ¶ 

If the flash mechanism is open but your flash still does not work, make sure that your flash is turned on in the settings. The flash setting is located on the selector buttons labeled with a flash arrow, to the right side of the LCD screen.

Flash mechanism is stuck ¶ 

If the flash mechanism only pops open a few millimeters, the latch may have stopped working. Slightly prop open the flash mechanism, remove it and replace the latch.

Damaged viewfinder ¶ 

When looking through the viewfinder your scenery appears blurry

Assure that the viewfinder is clean ¶ 

Before taking a photo, confirm that the viewfinder is wiped down and clean before preceding to take any pictures.

Viewfinder has a permanent smudge/scratch ¶ 

If the viewfinder has any permanent damage that affects your perspective when taking a picture you can refer to our viewfinder replacement guide for further assistance.

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