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The laptop will not turn on, respond, or show any sign of powering up.

Check to make sure your power adaptor is plugged in and make sure the power port light on the computer is on. If the light is not on and your adaptor is plugged in, your adaptor may be faulty. The best option would be to buy a new adaptor.

If your charge port is damaged, the computer won't receive power from the adapter. Check to make sure nothing is jammed into your charge port first. If there is something in there, clean it out or take to a specialist to have cleaned. Then check to see if there looks to be any damage to the port, if there is damage to the port it will look disfigured, then it will need to be replaced. Replace the charge port using this guide.

If your adaptor is plugged in, and the light on the computer is on, make sure the adaptor is connected to the laptop computer. If your laptop only powers on when the adaptor is plugged in, then the battery is faulty. Replace the battery using this guide.

The trackpad is cracked or will not respond to touch movements. For help replacing and installing a new trackpad your trackpad click on this guide.

If your trackpad will not respond to the movements of your finger, then make sure that the trackpad is not locked in the settings. If the trackpad is not locked, then it is likely broken and needs to be replaced.

The screen on your HP Spectre 13-1030dx does not show any image or will not light up when the computer is on or if the screen is cracked or damaged. For help replacing and installing a new display click on this guide.

If your computer has power and boots but there is no display, your LEDs may be faulty and need replacement. If there is just one spot on your laptop screen that is not working properly or is distorted, this can also indicate that you need a screen replacement.

If your computer has a damaged display you will need to replace the entire screen.

If your touch screen will no longer allow you to use the touch functions, you may need to replace the display. For help replacing and installing a new display click on this guide.

If your touch screen is not responding to your touch, then the touch function may be turned off. Please check to make sure that your touch functions are set to on. You can do this by accessing your preferences by swiping from left to right on the screen (Windows 8) or by pressing the Windows start icon in the bottom left corner (Windows 7or 10). If your touch functions are turned on and it is still not responding to touch, then you may need to replace your display.

If your touch function is reading your touch in an area other than where you have touched the screen, there may be faulty touch sensors and your display may need to be replaced.

Your laptop is getting very hot.

If your laptop is powering down because of overheating or the bottom of the laptop is getting hotter than it normally should, then your fan may be broken and may need to be replaced. You can replace the fan using this guide here.

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