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Insignia NS-CLOPP2 Troubleshooting

Insignia Digital AMFM Clock Radio. Model Number NS-CLOPP2.

There's no sound, or very soft sound ¶ 

Press the "Volume +" button (furthest right button located on top of clock) to increase the volume if the sound is too quiet. If sound problems persist, consider replacing the speaker.

See Speaker Replacement Guide

The screen is cracked and I can't see the numbers ¶ 

Consider replacing the screen.

See Screen Replacement Guide

The device won't turn on ¶ 

Check to see if the device is ON after making sure the device is plugged in to a power source.

Check to see if the power cord is damaged. Consider replacing or repairing the power cord.

Insert, or replace, the batteries.

See Battery Replacement Guide

The buttons are sticky ¶ 

Consider cleaning the buttons to remove any dirt or other debris that may have fallen in the cracks. You can use a pin or toothpick, or a Q-tip dipped in cleaning solution.

If stickiness persists, consider removing backing and observing the situation on the inside of the clock. Clean any internal debris you may see.

See Motherboard Replacement Guide

There is trouble getting a radio signal ¶ 

Make sure you are tuned in correctly to a radio station and are not simply tuned in to a static portion of the radio.

Adjust the antenna cord for FM stations.

Place the clock radio in a better location for AM stations.

Make sure the antenna cord isn't damaged.

Check to see if you have batteries inserted correctly into the back of the device.

See Antenna Replacement Guide

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How do I set the time?

garyoscar - 답글

The 4 clock numbers don't blink was they should at start up so can't change the time. It's 1 hour slow.

Phil & Ruth Franz - 답글

The numbers on the clock are really faded to the point where I can barley see it in the dark. Is there a way to fix this or should I just buy a new clock?

Bryan - 답글

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