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Jazz UltraTab C855 Troubleshooting

UltraTab by Jazz, 8" Dual Core Android Tablet

UltraTab won't turn on

My tablet won’t turn on when I press the power button.

Battery isn't charged

The tablet's battery level is depleted. If the battery is too low or uncharged, the tablet will not turn on. Connect your tablet to an outlet with its power adapter and make sure the charging icon displays on the screen.

Battery is faulty

Plug your kindle with a chord that actually works. If the tablet does not turn on, your battery is probably dead. If this is the case, you have to consider replacing your old battery with a new one. See our battery replacement guide for instructions.

Charger is faulty

The tablet may work fine and the problem may be with the charging cord. Try using the same cord with another device to make sure the cord works. After doing that, if the tablet still does not turn on, you need to get a new charging cord.

Display is not functional

It might appear that nothing is happening because nothing is appearing on the screen. This could be due to a faulty display. Refer to our section on troubleshooting display issues.

Motherboard is faulty

If the tablet does not turn on after considering the previous problems, it is likely that the motherboard needs to be replaced. Refer to our motherboard replacement guide for help with that.

Improper display on the screen

“The display is not functioning as intended, if at all”

Interference from other electronics

Your tablet may be affected by other devices like computers. Make sure you move away from strong devices like this one.

Battery is low

Battery of the tablet may be too low so make sure you connect your tablet.

Tablet needs a reboot

Sometimes electronics just need a reboot to make them function properly. Try rebooting your tablet and see if the issue is resolved.

Faulty screen

If the screen still does not work after contemplating the previous problems, the screen may be faulty and you may need to replace it. See our screen replacement guide for instructions.

LED circuit board is faulty

When you touch the display, there is sensation registered by the device (LED lights above the screen).It may be possible that the integrated circuit responsible for doing is faulty and needs a replacement.

No input from camera

"Nothing appears when trying to employ the camera through any application"

Camera is broken

The tablet's built-in camera might be broken. You will need to obtain a new one and look at our handy camera replacement guide for instructions on swapping it out.

No audio output through speakers or headphones

“I cannot hear any sound from the device when expected”

Mute is activated

Check the settings in your volume tab. The volume level of the device may be set all the way down to zero or the mute function has been enabled. Scroll the volume up or disable the mute function respectively, then test your audio.

Bad headphones or speakers

A lack of audio can be caused by faulty headphones or speakers. Test the headphones or speakers in another device in order to diagnose. If you have headphones or speakers that you know to be functional, test those in your UltraTab. If there is still no audio, the issue is probably with the UltraTab.

Bad audio jack

For external audio output, a common cause of issues is a faulty audio-out jack. Refer to our replacement guide for assistance with replacing the jack on your UltraTab.

Cracked, chipped, or shattered screen

“The screen has sustained some level of external physical damage.”

The screen requires replacement

If your screen (aka ‘Digitizer Panel’) on your Ultratab is cracked, chipped, or Shattered. You may have dropped your tablet on a hard surface, or applied an excessive amount of force on the screen. This can happen when you're carrying it around in your purse, suitcase, or backpack. The only real solution to this is to replace your broken screen with a new one. Refer to our screen replacement guide in order to do so.

Poor or lack of Wi-Fi connection

“The device cannot see or connect to wireless networks, or has a weak connection.”

Beyond proximity

Attempt to move closer or in clearer path to your router. Make sure other unneeded devices are not using the Wi-Fi as well. If problems persist, contact your internet provider.

Wi-Fi is disabled

Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled. Go to your settings and select the option that allows you to turn on your Wi-Fi capabilities.

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