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LG enV2 Troubleshooting

The screen(s) are damaged or malfunctioning

Either the inside or front screen is scratched, cracked, or hard to see.

The front screen is damaged

If the front screen is scratched or cracked then you will have to replace the front screen cover.

The inside screen is damaged

If dropping the phone or heavy use has damaged the inside screen, it may be time to swap that screen out. Replacing the inside screen will make it easy to see the phone once again.

The screen is too dark

If the screen is too dark on the outside or inside, then there may be a problem with the phone setting. To adjust this, go to the settings on the phone and turn up the brightness. If the screen did not brighten up, then you may need to replace the screen or phone.

The keys are unresponsive

One or more of the keys are sticky, unresponsive, or broken making it hard to type.

A key is sticky

If one or more of the keys is stuck in a pressed position, dirt or sand may have gotten in the way of the key. Using the inside keyboard or outside keyboard replacement guides to reach behind the keyboard, clean behind the keys. If this does not fix the issue replace the keyboard. If the side key is stuck, then you can use the side button guide to reach behind the side button and clean it.

A key is broken

If a key on the keyboard is damaged, broken or missing, it is time to replace the keyboard. The inside keyboard or outside keyboard can both be replaced.

None of of the keys work and the above solutions did not help

If none of the keys are working on one of the keyboards, there may be a bigger problem than just dirt or superficial damage. In this case, the logic board may no longer be working. This is not something that is easily replaced. Unfortunately, it may be time to buy a new phone, if you decide to do so make sure to recycle your phone. Do not throw it away, but turn it in into the specific electronic waste facilities.

The keys do not light up when pressed

If the keys do not light up when pressed, the settings in the phone could be the problem. Make sure the turn off keyboard back light option is not selected. If deselecting the turn off keyboard back light does not solve the problem, you may have burnt out lights in the logic board. Therefore, it may be time to invest in a new phone or just live with the problem.

The phone does not charge

The phone does not charge or indicate that it is plugged in when the wall charger is connected.

Dirt or lint is blocking the plug

If dirt or lint gets in the plug, the connection to the charger could be blocked. If this is the case, clean it out with a toothpick or needle.

The charging cord is frayed or chewed up

If the charging cord has been damaged at some point by rubbing, pinching, or a pet chewing on the rubber coating, the cord may need to be repaired. The cord can be repaired by re-soldering the wires.

One charger does not work but a different charger does

Try to plug the phone to a different charger if the phone charges, then is a problem with the charger. You will need to purchase a new one.

The battery has burnt out

If the phone is not charging or turning on, then the problem could be that the battery has burnt out and needs to be replaced.

The camera does not function properly

The camera is taking bad pictures or is not working at all.

The camera is unresponsive

If the camera mode is unresponsive (the camera will not start when selected from the icon menu) try turning the phone off. Take out the battery for a few minutes then put it back in.

Sometimes the issue is due to the phone's memory card. Make sure the memory card is properly installed and is functioning replacing memory card.

The camera lens is cracked or smashed

If the camera lens or cover is visibly scratched, cracked, or smashed and the lens is affecting the function of the camera, it is time to replace the camera.

The camera is taking fuzzy or blurry pictures

If the camera is taking fuzzy or blurry pictures, the cause coud be the person taking the photos. Try holding the phone firmly without moving to take the picture.

Another possibility may be due to dirt or moisture getting on the lens. Try cleaning the lens with a bit of rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. If cleaning the lens does not fix the problem, then the problem may lie underneath the lens. In this case, it may be time to replace the camera.

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