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Microsoft Band Troubleshooting

Wrist clasp is dull or broken ¶ 

The clasp isn't functioning.

Unaligned clasp groove ¶ 

The band's clasp can become difficult to attach or detach if the band's clasp groove is unaligned to the corresponding hook. You can replace or fix the unaligned clasp groove by taking apart the clasp and realigning the clasp groove with the hook by following the Wrist Clasp Replacement Guide.

Faulty spring between the clasp release buttons ¶ 

The band's clasp release buttons can become dull or loose if the spring inside the clasp that connects the two release buttons is defective. The spring could be bent, tangled, or stretched inside the clasp. You can fix this by taking apart the clasp and replacing or restoring the spring to its initial conditions by following the Wrist Clasp Replacement Guide.

Battery won't charge ¶ 

Though the Band is plugged into the USB charging cable, the battery wont charge.

Faulty USB port ¶ 

You could be connecting to a USB port that does not supply power. Try to charge a different device using the same port to ensure that the port allows charging.

Dirty charging connector ¶ 

You may also try wiping off the charging connector with a dry cloth and try again. If the band still does not charge, you may need to replace either the charging cable, battery, or charging connector.

Battery doesn't last long ¶ 

The battery life doesn't last the expected 48-hours.

GPS system is draining battery ¶ 

The GPS system can take up a lot of the battery. Turning off the GPS can significantly extend battery life. Before you go on a run, tap on settings and turn off GPS settings. You'll still be able to see your stats for duration, distance, pace, calories burned, max heart rate and average heart rate.

Inefficient data synchronization and connection usage ¶ 

This can be very common. While connected to your phone, data on your Microsoft Band is synchronized about every thirty minutes without knowing it. If you don’t need to connect or use the internet, or if you don’t need to synchronize any data, turn off Bluetooth or turn on Airplane mode. You can also stop receiving any kind of notifications by tapping on Settings and turning on the Do Not Disturb setting.

Vibration setting is draining battery ¶ 

Every time you receive a notification, your Microsoft Band will vibrate. If you’re a busy person, the continuous notifications and vibrations can take up quite a bit of battery life. In settings, you can set the Haptic Alert Settings (vibrations) to “low.”

Display is draining battery ¶ 

You can also save a lot of battery life by lowering the Band’s display brightness level in settings. The Microsoft Band’s brightness level is at medium on default. Additionally, you can turn of Watch Mode in Settings to stop displaying the time on the screen continuously.

Daily Heart Rate monitor is exhausting battery life ¶ 

This feature monitors your heart rate throughout the day and helps calculate the calories you burn during that day.You can turn off Daily Heart Rate by going to Settings, tapping the Tool icon, and then switching off the heart icon. Even if you turn off Daily Heart Rate, your sleep, runs, and workouts will still be monitored.

Defective battery ¶ 

A damaged or overused battery can eventually minimize its battery life. You can always replace the battery with a new one to restore your battery life. By following the Battery Replacement Guide you will be able to take out the poorly functioning battery and replace it with a new one.

Microphone isn't functioning ¶ 

Band doesn't register audio input.

Call is muted ¶ 

This may not be a problem with the Band. Make sure you don't have yourself muted on your phone.

Water is in the hole ¶ 

Though the Band is splash resistant, it's possible that water could get into the microphone hole. Try drying it with a clean dry cloth. The Microphone is the black hole located on the same face as the screen.

If the problem persists, you may need to replace the microphone by following the Sensor Ribbon Replacement Guide

Side buttons aren't functioning ¶ 

The side buttons are difficult to press, or don't do anything when pressed.

Buttons are dirty or sticky ¶ 

The side buttons can become dirty and/or sticky through use. To remedy this, try cleaning the buttons by gently rubbing them with a slightly damp cloth or Q-tip.

If the problem persists, follow the Sensor Ribbon Replacement Guide and clean the internals of the band with a Q-tip near the buttons.

The button's internal wiring is malfunctioning or broken ¶ 

If the issue remains, follow the Sensor Ribbon Replacement Guide.

Heart rate monitor isn't functioning ¶ 

The Band isn't sensing a heart rate or is significantly inaccurate.

Monitor is dirty ¶ 

Because the monitor is up against the wrist, skin and dirt can cover the monitor. Try cleaning the monitor by gently rubbing it with a slightly damp cloth or Q-tip.

Band is being worn incorrectly ¶ 

Make sure you’re wearing the Band correctly. The touchscreen can be either on the inside or outside of your wrist, and the Band should fit snugly and comfortably, and shouldn't move.

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Fully charged band2 switches off once placed on my wrist and will not switch on again until replaced on charge again only to repeat the above all over again.

Billy - 답글

I am having the same problem with my band2. It says it is fully charged but as soon as I put it on my wrist it shuts off till I place it on the charger. When placed on the charger it says battery ran out please set date and time but it is fully charged.

Melissa - 답글

I had to get mine replaced when that started to happen. Defect with the battery. Contact microsoft returns.

Carol Davison -

I have to say that Im experiencing the same issue ! i had problems with band 1 - and now this with band2. Unacceptable!

sferraris - 답글

hi guys i figured it out how give life back to the mocrosoft band 2. for assistance please contact me @

pravin6p - 답글

I got a pretty nice unit off ebay, but apparently it was a retail demo unit and is stuck in some sort of retail/demo mode. Anyone have any idea how to get it out? I’ve already tried the two-button factory reset, and updating the firmware with the Microsoft Band Sync app, but no luck so far…

jobrown1369 - 답글

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