Phone Won't turn on ¶ 

The phone will not turn on no matter what.

Dead/bad battery ¶ 

Try charging the phone for several minutes, then turn it on again. If it still will not turn on after several minutes of charging, the battery might need to be replaced. See our battery installation guide here.

Bad display ¶ 

The phone may appear to be dead because the display screen has gone bad. If the phone has been dropped, exposed to water, otherwise damaged, or the screen has been cracked in any way, it is possible that the problem is the display. See our front display assembly guide here for a visual comparison.

Internal problems ¶ 

If none of these appear to be the problem, see the motherboard cover guide here and examine the motherboard for any physical defects.

Broken back panel ¶ 

If the phone's back panel/screen is cracked or shattered, you may want to replace it.

Touch screen is unresponsive/misconfigured ¶ 

The screen is unresponsive to touch, or is inaccurately registering touch placement.

Internal glitch/malfunction ¶ 

The problem is likely in the phone's software. Try restarting the phone. If this doesn't work, try a system or factory reset.

Physical internal problems ¶ 

If restarting the phone and restoring it to system/factory settings. If this fails to fix the problem, the issue might be a poor connection between the display and motherboard. See our front display assembly guide here for a visual comparison.

Won't recharge ¶ 

The phone will not charge when plugged into a charger

Faulty charger ¶ 

The most likely cause of this problem is a broken or defective charger. First try unplugging and replugging phone port into charger. If this fails, blow into the port to clean out any excess dust that may have gathered and try plugging it in again. If this also fails, try wiggling charger around lightly in the port. If none of these fix the problem, replace the charger.

Damaged/defective phone port ¶ 

If replacing the charger doesn't work, the phone's port to connect it to the charger may be damaged or defective.

Speakers don't work ¶ 

Phone's speakers don't output audio or output audio incorrectly (lower volume, bad sound quality, etc.

Volume/Settings ¶ 

If the speakers are not outputting sound, or irregular volumes of sound, first check the volume settings on the phone. Next, make sure the phone is not set to mute. If both of these are at the correct setting the problem may be within the speakers.

Damaged Speakers ¶ 

If the volume settings are normal and the mute function on the phone is off, the problem is likely with the speakers. To replace the speakers, see our installation guide here.

Audio port doesn't output sound correctly ¶ 

The audio jack on the phone doesn't output audio, or outputs audio incorrectly (low volume, only outputs on one side of speakers/headphones, bad sound quality, etc.)

Volume/Settings ¶ 

If the audio port is not outputting sound, or irregular volumes of sound, first check the volume settings on the phone and the headphones or external device that the phone is plugged into if applicable. Next make sure the phone/external device is not set to mute.

Headphones/external audio device is faulty ¶ 

Check to make sure the volume settings are normal and the mute function is off for the phone and external device that the phone is plugged into. Next, check to see if your headphones/external device are faulty by plugging them into another device and testing their audio output. If they don't work with two or more devices, the problem is likely with the headphones/external audio device. If they work with another device, the problem is likely within the phone's audio jack.

Audio jack is damaged/defective ¶ 

If the volume settings, mute settings, and headphone's/external audio device are all at the normal settings and functioning properly, the problem is likely that the audio port is damaged or defective. To replace the audio port, see our installation guide here.

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dear all,since l bought my nexus 4 l have kind of dust in my camera l dont know how to get rid of it,any suggestions please

leo - 답글

I have the same problem with my Nexus 4. I'm going to try compressed air and some careful cleaning.

Darryl Filazek -

Hello mechs,

why is there no guide to replace a display/touchscreen?

It's not possible or too diffcult?

Thank u,


Florian - 답글


My front speaker is coming very low voice

what can i do for this problem..?

Tirumala Rao - 답글

The lowest three buttons which r triangle, circle and square shaped are not working. Sometimes triangle faces towards left and then down . Someone plz give me a tip

Jaffar malik - 답글

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